Tight race at state boys golf championship

There were several good efforts Monday in the first round of the Class 4 State Boys Golf Championship on Monday at Rivercut Golf Course in Springfield.

LETTER: Remember those who sacrifice for the greater good this Memorial Day

War costs go far beyond the out-of-pocket costs of fighting terrorism.

Today's Question: Are term limits leading to an increase in partisanship?

Some legislators are blaming term limits for an increase in partisanship seen in the General Assembly. Do you think term limits are causing increased partisanship in the General Assembly? Should they be done away with, lengthened or left alone?

Companies in line to take advantage of tax credits

The state will be able to offer an additional $30 million in tax credits once the governor signs the authorizing legislation.

LETTER: Naoma Powell made Access Arts an amazing organization

Powell's dedication and love of people has been an inspiration for others invovled in Access Arts.

Naked vs. nude: a contrast in definitions

Sure, it's all about being in the buff, but there is a difference between being naked or nude. Critics don't agree on precisely what it is, and it may a pedantic distinction to make, but the naked-nude line is also a provocative and intriguing one to draw.

Missouri baseball gets No. 3 seed in Big 12 Tournament

ANALYSIS: Missouri governor gets mixed legislative results

One major economic issue passed the General Assembly, but Nixon's health care plan did not. Regardless, the governor said relationships built this year will be helpful in the future.

MU's Kyle Ayers doesn't sweat the small stuff; he uses it for comedy

Crumpled bits of paper are everywhere in Kyle Ayers' world — in his wallet, his car and his bedroom — and they hold ideas that can turn into a stand-up routine for the budding comedian.

Columbia Books moves into new, more energy-efficient home

Annette Kolling-Buckley has moved her 32-year-old Columbia Books business to what she insists will be its final location. She had the place designed with energy efficiency in mind, and Fred, the resident cat, appears happy with the wider width of the window sills.

Sentencing delayed for Missouri woman in MySpace hoax

Lori Drew's sentencing has been rescheduled to July 2 so the judge can review testimony by prosecution witnesses.

Lobbyist's father crafts new Missouri Senate gavel

Tom Rhoads made the gavel in the garage of his Joplin home.

Missouri Supreme Court rejects execution delay

Missouri high court rejects stay of execution for Dennis  Skillicorn.

Army Corps begins 'spring pulse' on Missouri River

On Monday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers started the "spring pulse" on the Missouri River. 

Man calls 911 in fight over son's messy room

The son is 28, lives with his parents rent-free and is a member of the school board in Bedford, Ohio.

Prison ministers urge clemency for Skillicorn

Dennis Skillicorn is scheduled for execution at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday

Missouri Supreme Court hears school funding challenge

The high court is hearing claims that Missouri fails to provide enough money to public schools and that the state does not distribute funds fairly.

Deputies: Banana used as gun in holdup, then eaten

By the time deputies arrived at the scene of the crime, the suspect was there — and a banana peel.