The report of newspaper industry's death is greatly exaggerated

Most individual newspapers are making money, and readership is higher than ever.

Today's Question: Putting restrictions on credit for young people

Congress has passed a bill that would tighten credit for those younger than 21 — if they don't have a co-signer or can show a way to pay it back, they won't get a credit card. Will age restrictions for obtaining credit cards solve credit problems for young people?

Missouri tapping stimulus money to pay tax refunds

The state acknowledge that it was delaying refunds so it could meet other cash flow demands.

Missouri man in spotlight at Suu Kyi trial in Myannmar

Suu Kyi's supporters think some sort of trickery by the junta is behind John Yettaw's visit. His family insists he was just an admirer who wanted to interview the opposition leader.

Columbia offers no bailouts for Dodge City as Chrysler exits

With Chrysler telling Dodge City Motors to get out of town, the question emerges — who will stand up for small businesses in Columbia? The more I learn, the more it seems as though the answer is: No one.

2 seriously injured in I-70 crash near U.S. 63

As of 6:30 p.m. Thursday, the driver was in surgery at University Hospital and in unknown condition, and the vehicle's passenger was being transferred to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, according to Columbia Police Department news release.

The cause of the accident is unknown, the release stated.

Columbia College honors all servicemembers on Military Recognition Day

After a flag-raising ceremony on the college's Bass Commons, the gathering headed to Missouri Hall for the formal opening of the Veterans Service Center, which has been open unofficially since mid-March and is intended to make life easier for veterans, one college official said.

Also for Memorial Day weekend, a group of pilots from Lemoore is in Columbia to participate in the 2009 Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Air Show on Saturday and Sunday.

Missouri's stimulus money man: Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is Gov. Jay Nixon's top budget adviser and commands $4.4 billion worth of federal stimulus money in the Transform Missouri Project, and his background covers much more than just politics.

Willie Nelson attracts both paying, nonpaying fans in downtown Columbia

On Wednesday, the epic country and rock music group Willie Nelson & Family kicked off Summerfest, a popular series of outdoor concerts hosted by The Blue Note and held on Ninth Street in downtown Columbia.

Texas rebounds in Big 12 tournament

Longhorns cruise past Kansas a day after losing to eighth-seeded Baylor.

St. Louis Public Schools reports student with swine flu

The St. Louis Public School District has confirmed its first case of a student with swine flu. Missouri has had 24 confirmed cases of swine flu, including a man in St. Louis County who died Tuesday.

GUEST COLUMN: Thirty years later, Aslanidis family at G&D still as wonderful as ever

The kindness shown to a young, financially struggling couple by the owners of G&D Steakhouse is still alive after more than 30 years.

Gasoline prices rise as holiday approaches

While Missouri had the second-lowest price recorded around the nation, it was a bit misleading. The figure was posted in the early hours of Thursday morning before stations increased their prices by a dime or so in anticipation of Memorial Day holiday travel.

Backers say governor pledged to repeal Missouri helmet law

Nixon received about 1,000 e-mails and letters about the legislation, which would allow motorcycle riders 21 years and older to ride without a helmet when they're traveling on any Missouri highway, except for interstate highways.


WWE-Kroenke sports drama continues

Nuggets owner tagged as villain.

Obama interviews appeals court judge for Supreme Court

President Barack Obama interviewed Federal Appeals Court Judge Diane Wood for the Supreme Court judge opening Wednesday. Other possible candidates are Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Solicitor General Elena Kagan.

WWE's McMahon won't back down

Scheduling conflict in Denver used as "look-at-me" opportunity.

554 Missouri bridges to be replaced in $487M project

Missouri's bridges are in the fourth-worst condition in the country, and this $147 million project would replace 554 bridges in the state by 2013.

Missouri tapping stimulus money to pay tax refunds

The state is using $250 million of federal stimulus money to expedite payment of individual income tax refunds for hundreds of thousands of Missourians. The Department of Revenue said it hopes to have refund checks sent out by June 5 for those who filed their returns before April 15.

Douglass High School graduation set for Friday

Senior Haley Williams will be the featured speaker at the ceremony, held at Columbia College.