Three dead in Mexico crash

Fatal crash kills three, injures four others when vehicle collides with oncoming fire truck in Miller County on Sunday evening. 

University of Missouri's "corpse flower" bloomed

Smelly but short-lived flower bloomed and drew in visitors Sunday at University of Missouri in St. Louis. 

Carpe Diem aims to teach Columbia residents about music

Carpe Diem, a new business owned by Alex Innecco and Dianna Long, is here to serve the Columbia community by providing music classes, private lessons, gallery and recital space to its residents.

Boone Hospital Center recognized as 'fit friendly' company

Boone Hospital Center was awarded the gold level Start! Fit Friendly Award by the American Heart Association Monday for their programs promoting employee health.

Air France tail found; some pilots refusing to fly

U.S. Navy to assist Brazilian and French searchers for recording equipment from Air France Flight 447. Some pilots point to external monitors - called Pitot tubes- known to malfunction on Airbus A330 and A340 planes at colder, higher altitudes. 

Meltdown 101: Why GM, Chrysler want fewer dealers

General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC have derived plans to cut a substantial number of their dealerships in the next few years. Neither company owns their dealerships, and they will be closing the companies they think are making the least profit.

Columbia Middle school teacher returns from Costa Rica

Katrina Galve, a Spanish teacher in Columbia Public Schools, was among 25 teachers nationally who traveled to Costa Rica on Toyota's International Teacher Program for Environmental Conservation and International Education.

BOONE LIFE: Elvis impersonator enjoys performing, living in Columbia

After a life performing in New York City, Mario Manzini, 45, enjoys being in Columbia and using it as a home base for his shows.

'Mystical mumbo jumbo' finds its way into mainstream medicine

Alternative medicine is finding wider acceptance by doctors, insurers and hospitals. But, a lack of government regulation or self-policing from the industry raises questions as to whether these treatments are safe.


Quick reality check on herbal, other supplements

Learn the facts about how supplements are regulated and how effective they can be.

A look at the most popular supplements

Inside is a look at some popular supplements and what studies show regarding their safety and effectiveness.

Soldiers encounter dangerous side effects of bioterrorism vaccine

Smallpox vaccinations given to soldiers out of bioterrorism fears can have potentially fatal side effects. For Lance Cpl. Cory Belken from St. Louis, the vaccine's reaction to his pre-existing leukemia led to a frightening ordeal.

ANALYSIS: Missouri law falls short on health coverage

After a law to expand health insurance passed in 2007, the number of people insured has not increased substantially. Some Republican sponsors of the law attribute its shortcomings to a lack of marketing.

Former chief usher of White House offers rare glimpse of first families

Gary Walters spent 37 years as a member of the White House service staff, more than 20 of which he served as the residence's chief usher.  Now retired, Walter took time last week to reveal his experiences with each first family, from the Nixons to George W. and Laura Bush.

Missouri pet cemetery helps owners grieve

Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery owner said she has received late night calls more than once, seeking a consoling ear.

Part of downtown Kennett evacuated after spill

A tanker truck overturned, causing chemicals to be spilled onto the roadway.

No diploma for student who sued, judge says

The judge ruled the school was justified in denying the student a diploma and if he had been presented with all the evidence in the first place, he wouldn't have issued the order letting the teen participate at graduation.

Dog fetches live grenade in Germany

A munitions expert defused the U.S. hand grenade from World War II.