Fishermen endure long night on Missouri River in Wilton fishing tournament

Colby Phillips, 9, looks on as fishermen Bill Toth, right, and Jon Young carry out the weigh-in process Sunday during the Wilton Boat Club catfish tournament.

Most teams didn't catch as many fish as they had hoped, yet the competition netted a winning team that weighed in 10 fish at a combined weight of 48.6 pounds.

Mark Martin wins NASCAR race in Michigan

The 50-year-old star ends a streak of bad luck with his LifeLock 400 victory; Edwards finished fourth.

Missouri Botanical Garden celebrates its 150th birthday

Henry Shaw's botanical garden is commemorating it's 150th birthday with activities and events throughout the year including lectures, special displays and free evening concerts.

FairTax supporters gather in Columbia

People from across the nation came to Columbia to support a consumption tax they would like to see replace the current tax system.

FairTax rally draws thousands

About 4,760 people attended the Midwest FairTax rally Saturday afternoon to speak in favor of the tax plan, which would essentially replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax.

Veteran racer has made many sacrifices to race

A 72-year-old Missouri resident is still behind the wheel and racing in the southwestern part of the state.

'Joe the Plumber' speaks in favor of the consumption tax

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher speaks at the FairTax rally to support the organization and other conservative grass-roots causes.

Final approval of Ballpark Village delayed

Cardinals president hopes the board will decide the issue at its July meeting.

ANALYSIS: Missouri gov. emphasizing high unemployment

At this point in his term, it's too early for Gov. Jay Nixon to be blamed for the poor economy, so he is safe in citing a high unemployment.

Woman refuses to leave home after flood

Eledia Stone believes construction at Hinkson Creek is responsible for her home's floodwater damage..

Royals place Crisp on disabled list

The Kansas City outfielder is the sixth Royal on the injury list.

Texas A&M president resigns before regents meeting

The resignation comes less than a month after a university system performance review gave her low marks for leadership, management, decisiveness and team work.

MU student robbed outside downtown parking garage

A woman was attacked and robbed by two males Saturday night outside the Hitt Street parking garage. The MU Police Department is reviewing video footage from the garage to try to identify the suspects.

Compromise gives White House a health option

A leading health-care reform proposal is a "cooperative approach," which would operate similar to rural utilities that have government financial support but are run independently.

Disputed Iranian election complicates US diplomacy

As several nations question the validity of the results of the Iranian elections held on Friday, the U.S. is reconsidering its diplomatic approach toward a re-elected Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Nuclear weapons and ties to Afghanistan remain a concern.

Missouri man overcomes 'football' sized tumor

A cluster of tumors on his kidney complicated his treatment plan and delayed treatment for more than a month.

Two apply for vacancy on Columbia's Planning and Zoning Commission

The two applicants for the vacancy on the city's Planning and Zoning Commission are closely connected with the city's development community. Potential for conflicts of interest will be addressed in the applicants' interviews.

Minn. woman who lost music-share suit gets replay

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a self-described "huge music fan," was accused of illegal file-sharing. When given the option of settling, she opted for a retrial. Thomas-Rasset will be armed with aggressive new lawyers when her retrial begins in federal court Monday.

Supporters rally in Columbia to support Clemons

About 30 people attended a rally for the pardoning of Reggie Clemons.

Clarksville throws party to thank flood helpers

Volunteers built a 12-foot sandbag levee to protect the downtown area of the city from Mississippi River floodwaters last summer.