Raise the bar, leave out the obscenities, vulgarities

We should focus on shelving our vulgarity and filthy speech.

Joint Communications issues dominate premeeting of City Council

The interim director of Public Safety Joint Communications would like to see more employees added to address its growing workload.

Midwest storms cause flooding, spawn 2 tornadoes

A separate storm system that cut a wide swath across Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri knocked out power, damaged buildings and led to flash flooding. The National Weather Service said that two tornadoes that touched down in central and western Nebraska caused little damage.

U.S. lacks a nonpolitical unifying voice

The country will not be able to maintain its position of leadership in the world if things continue the way they are going.

UPDATE: Bicycle harassment ordinance passes unanimously

The bicycle harassment ordinance was unanimously passed by the City Council on Monday night. The ordinance makes it a misdemeanor to harass bicyclists by threatening or frightening them in a number of ways.

Informational breakfast to give community look at consolidation of Children's Hospital

MU Health Care is hosting an informational breakfast on Thursday to share its plans for compiling all Children's Hospital services into one location.

City Council approves new neighborhood association

Columbia City Council voted and approved a resolution Monday evening to create Tenth Hitt Elm Locust Neighborhood Association, or THELA, a neighborhood association formed by TK Livingston and Kelly Veach.

SWAT team uncovers Columbia marijuana-growing operation

A Columbia police SWAT team found dozens of marijuana plants growing inside a Columbia home Tuesday, but not the homeowner suspected of growing them.

K.C. suburb cancels fireworks show, blames economy

Blue Springs canceled its annual free fireworks show to save money, but residents will still be able to see free displays in neighboring communities.

Missouri's Churchill museum gains national clout

The U.S. House declared the Winston Churchill museum on Westminster College's campus in Fulton to be "America's National Churchill Museum." 

Missouri creates database of insurance complaints

The database, which is a compilation of more than 10,000 complaints since 2006, grades companies based on the number of complaints and allows users to search the list of customer troubles.

Charter students do better than public students in Missouri, study says

Missouri is one of only five states where higher learning gains for charter school students are significantly higher, according to the national study.

Today's Question: City Council passes bicycle harrassment ordinance

On Monday, Columbia's City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that gives legal protection to cyclists. According to the ordinance, anyone who verbally assaults, throws objects at, or endangers a cyclist can be charged with a misdemeanor.

Concern over food quality, prices leads to home food preservation

MU Extension workshops in food preservation are filling up this year as more people appear to take stock in the quality of their food and the contents of their wallet.

Two crashes tie up traffic on I-70

Two crashes and a 35-gallon diesel spill tied up traffic on Interstate 70 on Monday morning. A semitrailer crashed into a guardrail causing the spill and nearby, two passenger vehicles collided, blocking traffic in the westbound lanes for about three hours.

WHO announces swine flu pandemic, but there are no cases in Boone County

Health officials say there are no confirmed cases of swine flu in Boone County.

Columbia police to reorganize beats

The reorganization into "geographic policing" is meant to prevent officers from having to cross town unnecessarily because of officer shortages in certain areas.

Columbia ranked one of first six U.S. metro areas to reach pre-recession employment levels

Washington's McClatchy Newspapers ran an article Sunday offering a geographic timeline regarding which parts of the United States would return to pre-recession employment levels and when. Columbia was among one of the six projected to recover by the end of the year.

Rezoning request for area near Rocky Creek Estates subdivision withdrawn

Ted Littell removed his request for rezoning of land near the Rocky Creek Estates subdivision on Monday. A revised request is expected to be submitted in the future.

City Council approves plans for sidewalk construction on West Worley Street

The city approved plans for about 2,000 feet of sidewalk on West Worley Street between Clinkscales Road and West Boulevard.