Another one rides a bike

Those two-wheeled contraptions can sometimes be a roadside annoyance, but all it takes is an afternoon on a bicycle in downtown Columbia to feel compassion for the plight of cyclists.

Missouri environmental hazard information now online

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has launched its Environmental Health Tracking Network Portal.

MU to receive grant to reduce carbon footprint

MU was selected to receive a $35,000 to $50,000 grant to help develop ways of reducing the university’s carbon footprint. Former Sustain Mizzou president Patrick Margherio said they plan to use the money to expand the Building Dashboard program.

Consumers cry foul over levels of propane in tanks

Two propane gas companies sued by consumers who are complaining that the company cut back on the amount of propane in canisters while still charging the same price. The cost has since dropped, but the cutback on fuel in the tanks continues.

Grindstone Creek YouTube video gets DNR's attention

A Columbia resident's YouTube video of a local construction site garnered some attention with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, who sent an inspector to the site Wednesday morning.

Stream Extravaganza ends early because of weather

The city-sponsored event to teach kids about Columbia watersheds was called off early because of storms.

UPDATE: Planning and Zoning Commission application deadline extended again

One of the applicants for the Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission said the council's delay might be agenda-driven. Third Ward Councilman Karl Skala said the extension was based on the small pool of applicants.

Wine and Food Festival profile: Churchill’s Chef Zia Matoori

Zia Matoori, a chef at Churchill's restaurant, has planned a five-course meal that will incorporate Mediterranean and Italian elements, in addition to a summer theme.

Wine and Food Festival profile: Chef Trey Quinlan at Bleu

Trey Quinlan, a chef at Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar, has planned a Tuesday menu that is to include scallops, caprese salad and filet of rib-eye.

Missouri Humane Society urges heat safety for pets

Heat indexes could exceed 100 degrees this week, so the Humane Society is offering tips to keep pets safe.

Woman leads suspect in robbery attempt to sheriff's department

After a Michigan man attempted to rob an Illinois woman at gunpoint, she called 911 and led the unsuspecting man to the sheriff's department, the authorities said.

Missouri senator praises sex offender registry ruling

The state Supreme Court's ruling requires all sex offenders register for their crimes, including those committed before the registry's creation in 1995.

Ameren to purchase wind power

Ameren Corp took its first step toward diversifying its fuel mix Thursday by signing an agreement to buy 102 megawatts of wind power from phase II of Horizon Wind Energy's Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm in Iowa.

Southeast Missouri boater recovering from facial injuries

Hershel Knuckles struck a low-hanging tree branch while boating on Saturday.  He underwent surgery and has since been released from Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau.

Court makes it harder to prove age discrimination

In the Supreme Courts ruling, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that employees have to prove that age played a key role in employers' decisions to prove age descirmination.

Midwest storms spawn tornadoes

Strong storms tore through the Midwest Wednesday, bringing tornadoes and flooding with them.

NASA set to send rocket to moon on Thursday

After scrubbing a shuttle mission because of a hydrogen gas leak, NASA plans to send an unmanned rocket to the moon on Thursday.

Finance board to vote on revised deal for Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs currently train at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, but an updated incentive package would require the Chiefs to train in Missouri for 10 years to get $25 million in tax credits.

Missouri to get nearly $19 million in storm damage grants

Missouri-based electric cooperatives and the Missouri Department of Transportation will use the money for projects including debris removal and repairing electrical transmission systems damaged by winter storms in late January.