Review board likely to aid Boone County fire chief search

The Boone County Fire Protection District is discussing the creation of a review board to help select a new chief. Interim Fire Chief Scott Olsen said he intends to apply for the permanent position. 

MU Tour Team helps visitors stay cool

The MU Tour Team is doing its best to help visitors and prospective students touring campus by providing water, staying inside as much as possible and taking it slow.

Stimulus funds help expand Columbia Builds Youth program

More than $1 million in federal stimulus funds will help keep the Columbia Builds Youth program going. The money will allow the program to build six houses during the next two years. The goal in past years was to build four houses.

Columbia ministers weigh in on Baptist denomination's declining membership

The Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting runs through Thursday, and though political issues such as abortion and civil unions will be discussed, the nation's largest Protestant body is also looking to address concerns about declining membership.

Missouri receives $22.9 million from stimulus for energy program

Some of the $22.9 million will be used to help businesses become more energy efficient, officials said. Once its energy plans have been implemented, Missouri is eligible to receive an additional $28.6 million.

Jobless benefits available because of Missouri storms

The benefits are available to individuals in 28 counties. Individuals must be unemployed as a direct result of the storms.

Swine flu arrives in Cole County

A case invovles an infant who is less than one year old.

Tree owners could reap climate bill windfall

A massive climate bill that President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are trying to push through the House would reward owners of large tracts of forestland. Under the bill, polluters would be allowed to buy credits from the landowners as an alternative to switching to clean-burning fuels.

U.S. swine flu cases may have hit 1 million

U.S. health officials estimated Thursday that as many as 1 million Americans may now be infected with swine flu, roughly half the world's swine flu cases, and the percentage of hospitalized cases is rising.

Obama, Democrats press hard for U.S. climate bill

If passed, the climate change legislation would require the U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that can lead to climate change by 17 percent by 2020 and about 80 percent by the next century.

Missouri study finds difficulty getting local budgets

In the study, researchers who sought municipal budgets from certain cities were asked why they wanted the information, and some cities required written requests.

Washington University labs get funding for biodefense research

The St. Louis medical school will receive $37 million to continue research in biodefense and infectious diseases.

Hot weather a boost for mosquitoes and West Nile

Calls about mosquitoes in St. Louis County have increased since last year, and nearly 20 percent of the mosquitoes tested have turned up positive for West Nile.

Economy sending students to cheaper public colleges

New college students across the U.S. are transferring from private universities to lower-priced public institutions, often because of economic fears.

Open St. Louis hydrants frustrate water and fire officials

Crews have been closing hydrants by the dozens this week, and firefighters have grown frustrated because of the difficulties they sometimes face in the process.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon set to announce state budget cuts

Gov. Jay Nixon is set to make an announcement regarding the state budget for the 2010 fiscal year. He is expected to discuss budget cuts he will carry out in the coming year.

Woman's death in St. Charles investigated as homicide

.The woman's body was found by a farmer in a drainage ditch on Wednesday.

Strip search of Arizona teenager illegal, court says

In an 8-1 ruling, the justices said that Safford Middle School officials violated the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches with their treatment of a 13-year-old Arizona girl.

Michael Jackson dies at age 50

The King of Pop was taken to the hospital Thursday afternoon and was reported dead by an anonymous source to The Associated Press. The Los Angeles Times and TMZ are also  reporting that Jackson is dead.

Man charged with murdering 4 at Kansas home

Adrian Burks of Kansas City, Kan., was charged with four counts of first-degree murder and could face the death penalty.