Timeline of Michael Jackson's life and career

Take a look at the many successes and controversies of the King of Pop, from his days in the Jackson 5 to his death on Thursday.

Dancers will compete in first ever Show-Me State Games ballroom dance competition

Colette Nolin is competing in the first ballroom dance competition in the Show-Me State Games on Saturday.

Michael Jackson's death is a local story

Although Michael Jackson's death is an international news story, the Missourian jumped to cover it because he was part of our collective, local conciousness.

Dear Reader: It's time for some steamy (weather) stories

Summer heat stories are as predictable as Christmas shopping stories in November or NCAA bracketology in March.

Bringing big-city transit to college-town America

Getting around Columbia by bus can sometimes take an hour or more. Other ideas are being proposed to revitalize the transit system, but until the city can improve the situation, many are likely to remain in their cars.

Hospice care offers Sturgeon man chance at continued life

Despite his faith in God, Joseph Snow has no desire to go to heaven just yet. He says he has work left to do here, and hospice volunteers are making sure he can comfortably continue working in his garden.

St. Louis County reports two heat-related deaths

A 75-year-old man and a 62-year old woman were both found dead, and their deaths are being blamed on the heat wave.

Columbia couple answers call for taxi service

With 17 years in the pizza business, Rick and Betsy Lacy moved to Columbia more than year ago to set up a pizzeria. But with competition so stiff, the couple decided to start their own taxi company, Rick's Taxi.

High temperatures make for high-risk exercise

With summer temperatures increasing, doctors are warning fitness enthusiasts to be aware of how they're feeling during workouts and to replace lost fluids immediately.

New groove, enduring tune at Stephens College summer programs

The Stephens College summer dance concert on Friday and Saturday will explore new styles, including acting, while the "Musical Revue" will stick to the tried-and-true tradition to cap off its summer of productions.

Police tow car, seek clues in Jackson death

Brian Oxman, a former Jackson attorney and a family friend, said Friday he had been concerned about Jackson's use of painkillers and had warned the singer's family about possible abuse.

Jackson broke barriers long before 'Thriller'

When Michael Jackson premiered in the 1972 movie "Ben," his voice and charm gave black America an idol to cheer for.

Autopsy planned after Jackson's sudden death

Authorities are hoping to find out whether prescription drugs were involved in Michael Jackson's death. An autopsy was scheduled to begin today, though results likely won't be final until toxicology tests can be completed.

Memories of the King of Pop: How will you remember Michael Jackson?

Jackson's unexpected death has sparked much conversation about his musical legacy, his legal problems and his life in general. How will you remember Michael Jackson?

World leaders, musicians mourn King of Pop

Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney and many more friends and fans around the world mourned Michael Jackson's death and recalled the person he was.

TV helped shape Jackson's image

For better or worse, Michael Jackson was always something to see. His career was shaped and showcased by television, and he was inseparable from the medium.

Expect relief after one more day of heat

The National Weather Service is calling Saturday "the hottest and potentially most dangerous day" of this week's hot spell, with temperatures forecast to climb quickly to between 95 and 100 degrees.

Missouri judge strikes down affirmative action measure

Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan said there was a technical flaw in the draft of a proposed constitutional amendment.

Heat causing pavement buckling and blowups in Missouri

When pavement temperatures rise, concrete slabs expand, push up against each other and either heave up or crumble. This is happening across the country, not just in Missouri.

PHOTO GALLERY: World mourns 'king of pop'

Fans the world over mourned the loss of Michael Jackson after the pop icon died Thursday.