Two Columbia pastors think big during summer sabbaticals

Pieter Van Waarde has had a 15-year ministry at Woodcrest Chapel in Columbia. His preaching style is generally conversational and casual, and he suggests through his ministry that Woodcrest is a place for people to come who are uncertain about their religious beliefs. His series is targeted toward this demographic, a group of "fellow stragglers" who have not yet formed strong convictions about their faith.

Two Columbia pastors, one from Woodcrest Chapel and another from St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, are both taking time off. Pieter Van Waarde and Paul H. Moessner recognize the importance of taking time for personal reflection.

Unlike Sourth Carolina's Sanford, most governors are easy to find

In the wake of Sandord's admission of a week-long trip to visit his mistress in Argentina, most governors were willing to reveal their wearabouts to the press and prove that they were on the job.

Former volunteer firefighter saves own home from garage fire

The fire occurred in the garage of the house while Steve Fedenia was swimming with his children and Dana Dedenia hosted a jewelry party inside for her friends.

Doctor's lawyer: Jackson had faint pulse when discovered

A lawyer for the doctor who was with Michael Jackson when he died said that Jackson still had a faint pulse when the physician discovered him and immediately began administering CPR.

Argentine woman admits relationship with S.C. governor

She says the e-mail exchanges with Gov. Sanford that were widely published by U.S. media were obtained by someone who hacked her account.

TV pitchman Billy Mays dies at 50

Infomercial personality Billy Mays was pronounced dead in his Florida home Sunday morning. He was 50 years old.

Motorcycle collision leaves 3 injured

New clashes in Iran as standoff worsens with West

Iranian authorities detained several local employees of the British Embassy in Tehran. The EU condemned the arrests.

Jackson was acquitted at trial but never recovered

After being charged with and enduring a trial on child molestation claims, Michael Jackson spent his remaining years trying to put the pieces of his life back in place.

ANALYSIS: Climate bill shows Obama will have to work for priorities

The president's furious lobbying got a broad-reaching climate bill passed, but the difficulty getting votes showed that legislation on other issues such as health care might need a little more help to get passed than once thought.

Vacation Bible School encourages faith and fun for Columbia's youth

Churches in Columbia find dynamic, creative, and fun-filled ways of presenting their faith to children through summertime Vacation Bible School programs.

Richland Road project prompts questions of staff advocacy, transparency

Planning and Zoning commissioners and the city planning department spent Thursday night discussing staff's role in development review.

Former state budget director paints bleak picture of Missouri's finances

Missouri's current deficit is nearly $1 billion. A significant drop in revenue combined with lack of significant spending cuts during the past fiscal year are largely to blame.

Local musicians remember Jackson

Reacting to Michael Jackson's death, local artists reflected on his influence on music and culture and drew parallels between Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Columbia businesses selling out of Jackson memorabilia

Columbia retailers are seeing a frenzy of Michael Jackson memorabilia sales following the singer's death.

Week of heat hits its peak

Some outdoor events required extra precautions but are still going strong after a week of intense heat.

Ice cream parlor pays tribute to Jackson with creative flavor names

Local ice cream shop pays tribute to the King of Pop in its own unique way with flavors like "Thrilla Vanilla" and "Blueberry Jean (is not my flavor)."

Questions swirl around doctor in Jackson's death

As police investigate Michael Jackson's sudden death, questions about the King of Pop's personal cardiologist and his actions in the superstar's final days remain.

ANALYSIS: Climate bill may spur energy revolution

With the passing of a new energy bill by the House, the Senate will now decide whether the bill will be put into action. The bill includes tighter regulations on energy and pollution.

Cartoon-shaped drugs hit Kansas City streets

Many pills and tablets advertised as Ecstasy or MDMA contain BZP, another illicit drug with similar effects, instead, according to crime labs.