Missouri man drowns at Lake of the Ozarks

Todd Cornine of Richmond, Mo., was found dead in 16 feet of water at the Lake of the Ozarks. He had gone swimming earlier and never resurfaced.

Former Chiefs lineman involved in deadly accident

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said that one woman was killed and two of her passengers injured. The former lineman was not listed as injured.

Under-bite helps Pabst become World's Ugliest Dog

Pabst was the underdog in the contest to decide on the ugliest canine, beating last year's winner, a Chinese Crested named Rascal.

Fears remain a year after 8 killings in 2 states

A man has been charged in the Missouri and  Illinois deaths and is awaiting trial.

Sedalia woman masters the art of the hula hoop

Heather Hughes hula hoops every day as a way to relax and express herself. She makes her own hoops and sells home-made hoops at festivals and the Sedalia Area Farmers' Market.

Jackson's Neverland Ranch might be a tough sell

The homes of even the most beloved stars rarely see any appreciable boost in value from their celebrity cachet, and in the case of Neverland Ranch and the Los Angeles mansion Jackson was leasing when he died, the association might even work against them.

Jackson was energetic, upbeat ahead of London tour

Friends and colleagues said on Friday that Michael Jackson appeared in recent months to be rejuvenated by the prospect of performing again.