Today's Question: Who is to blame for Madoff's crimes?

Bernie Madoff, sentenced this week to 150 years in prison, likely stole tens of billions of dollars from investors. Who is to blame for allowing his crime to last so long?

Another milestone for Columbia running group

The 5:30 Running Group celebrated another year of existence Tuesday by eclipsing its largest attendance for an early morning run starting at the MKT Trail.

Too much political rhetoric framing the torture debate

Columnist Karl Miller argues that the notion that the United States has lost the respect of the world by waterboarding three terrorists in 2002 is utterly foolish, designed only to elicit the support of the political left.

Summer school start in Columbia shows increase in enrollment

Nearly 7,800 Columbia Public Schools students enrolled in summer school this year, said Roy Moeller, manager for EdisonLearning, the district’s free summer school program; that's an increase of 929 students since 2008.

The first day of school was June 15.

Arborists work to preserve McBaine bur oak tree

Arborists have been taking wood samples from the popular McBaine oak tree, using them to create little clone trees called grafts in order to preserve the 350-year-old tree's DNA. 

Columbia developer to move forward on cottages project

Amir Ziv hopes to break ground on the cottages, but must follow several city requirements.

GUEST COLUMN: Time to take back state's rights

The U.S. Constitution gives us, the people, the express authority to do something about a burdensome government any time we want to: the 10th Amendment.

Kroger recalls ground beef in Missouri, other states

The Kroger Co. has recalled ground beef sold at stores in more than a dozen states, including Missouri. The company operates stores under various names in different locations.

Sculpture garden opens in downtown St. Louis

The three-acre Citygarden, which was funded with $30 million from the nonprofit Gateway Foundation, is free to the public and offers an audio tour including the voices of St. Louis leaders such as Hall of Fame Cardinal Ozzie Smith.

UPDATE: Missouri judge rejects eminent domain ballot summary

A Missouri judge has rejected a ballot summary for an initiative restricting eminent domain use, citing its promise of protections already guaranteed in the state constitutions.

Veterans groups urge release of abuse photos

Three veterans groups are urging President Barack Obama to release disturbing photos of detainee abuse that have been kept secret for fear of inciting unrest in the Middle East.

UPDATE: Condition improves for near-drowning victim

The condition for MU graduate student Yirui Wei, has improved from critical to serious this morning, according to University Hospital.

Which treatment works best? Top study needs listed in new report

An Institute of Medicine report released Tuesday identifies key medical problems and treatments to study in an effort to eliminate the guessing game often played in your doctor's office.

Walmart joins Obama in health care initiative

Walmart has agreed to offer health insurance to its employees, following Obama's push for changes to the nation's health care system.

ANALYSIS: Iraq still needs U.S. helping hand

Although the American presence in Iraq is diminishing, the U.S. still has a crucial part to play in the newly sovereign nation's military, political, and diplomatic future. It also bears critical responsibility for any future instability there.

Missouri judge rejects eminent domain ballot summary

Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan ruled Tuesday that a ballot summary prepared by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan for a proposed constitutional amendment that would restrict eminent domain is "insuffient and unfair."

'Heat is On' effort targets highway safety

A new highway campaign titled "The Heat is On" will clamp down on speeding, drunken driving and seatbelt use.

Man charged for threatening Southeast Missouri buildings

The suspect is charged with threatening to blow up a police station and a federal court house in Cape Girardeau.

Missouri Center for Safe Schools to close in January

The Kansas City-based center, which trains school districts to respond to disasters and emergencies, lost its $219,000 funding and will close in January.

Ameren commits $3 million to helping needy customers

The utility company will fund a $3 million project to help low-income customers get caught up on their unpaid bills.