Referee keeps Show-Me State Games soccer match under control

Show-Me State Games soccer referee Pete Wilden referees his final game of the night on Friday in Columbia. Wileden says his job includes a lot of running, citing one colleague who ran a total of 26 miles in one weekend's worth of refereeing.

Pete Wilden has been refereeing in the Show-Me State Games for five years, mostly working adult contests.

Columbia teen shot multiple times Friday afternoon

Columbia police are looking for a man driving a black pickup truck after the Friday afternoon shooting of a 15-year-old male. The victim was shot multiple times in the hand and legs shortly before 4 p.m. near the intersection of Benton Street and Garth Avenue.

National ID cards could trade privacy for security

Should countries buy into the system of national ID cards? Most people agree that this would enhance security, but it also makes it easier for one's information to be lost or stolen.

Nigeria's troubles not so far away when Columbians are at risk

Students and researchers from Missouri get trapped in vicious fighting in northeastern Nigeria. The risks in writing about them are real, and the decisions aren't simple.

Teacher gets veterans back on campus using all-veteran classes

At Cleveland State University, John Schupp is helping veterans feel comfortable on campus using all-veteran classes. Now programs are popping up at other universities using Cleveland State as a model.

Benefits of new GI Bill vary from state to state

The new GI Bill will go into effect on Aug. 1, and in some ways, it's the most generous version of the bill yet, but only in certain states. In other states, such as California, the bill's benefits will hardly be felt at all.

Missouri education officials discuss campus safety

Almost 300 teachers, school board members, social workers and campus police officers from across Missouri gathered at an annual school safety and security conference on Thursday.

Columbia's city manager proposes 3 percent budget decrease

The proposed budget is one of the tightest Columbia has seen in decades and focuses primarily on increasing fees in health and recreation services and keeping program funding steady.


A look at how the proposed city budget effects utility bills, health fees, park and recreation fees, street and sidewalk improvement projects; city employee benefits and cutbacks in city jobs. A list of public hearings and the process the budget undergoes toward final approval is also included.

State might cut budget for career ladder program

The Career Ladder program in the Columbia Public School District, which pays teachers who devote additional hours beyond their contracts at the school, might not receive its anticipated state funding.

Rural air subsidy costs increase

As the cost of subsidies for rural communities receiving money from the Essential Air Service program increases, Congress moves to increase the budget by almost 30 percent in order to not cut or reduce the program.

UPDATE: Route of Tour of Missouri announced

The route will travel from St. Louis to Kansas City, a reversal from past years, and the race will include seven teams who raced in this year's Tour de France.

UPDATE: Missouri housing agency approves new ethics rules

The new ethics rules for the Missouri Housing Development Commission will apply to all commissioners and staff of the commission as well as to any developers who work with the commission.

Burglar gives cops best lead: his name

A man suspected of forcing his way into a home and threatening a group inside spelled out his name during the incident, leading to his arrest.

Today's Question: Should raising chickens in the city be allowed?

A group of Columbia residents are pushing the city to loosen its rules on raising chickens.

Route for Tour of Missouri bike race announced

There will be four point-to-point road races across the state, an individual time trial in Sedalia and circuit races in St. Louis and Kansas City.

USDA raises prices to aid struggling dairy farms

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and his department are trying to help the struggling dairy market by raising the price paid for milk and cheddar cheese. The department estimates the maneuver will boost overall dairy farm revenue by $243 million.

Missouri housing agency considers new ethics rules

After a state audit raised concerns about conficts of interest, the Missouri Housing Development Commission is considering additional rules to prevent inappropriate ties between developers and commissioners.

Second 'Taste of the Market' to raise funds for Farmers' Market pavilion

Locally produced and prepared food and drink, along with music and a documentary showing, will be featured at the second "Taste of the Market" on Saturday.

Daniel Boone Regional Library celebrates 50th anniversary

Daniel Boone Regional Library turned 50 in July, celebrating its half-century of service to mid-Missourians with a look back at the 1950s in Columbia and a challenge to library patrons.