Nixon endorses common core of state educational standards

With Gov. Jay Nixon's blessing, Missouri has taken its first steps toward adopting a common core of primary and secondary educational standards, pending the appointment of a new state education commissioner. Among other expected advantages, the standards would allow officials to compare Missouri test scores to those of other states.

New school superintendent Chris Belcher answers questions from community

Chris Belcher visited with the Missourian the day before beginning his career as the Columbia School District superintendent. He answered questions from members of Columbia's education community.

Ideas in works for Columbia Public Schools' stimulus funds

Columbia Public Schools officials are still determining how to spend the $6.3 million chunk of federal stimulus money it expects to receive.

Supreme Court leaves unanswered questions at end of term

On issues such as civil rights and campaign finance, the court left the door open for later interpretation but did not take immediate action.

Catfish plan raises concern over trade war

With famers looking to halt competition from Asia, the debate over what kind of fish fall under the definition of "catfish" shows how lobbyists can exert influence over policy in Washington and in the states.

Obama administration sends Congress consumer legislation

The bill would establish a Consumer Financial Protection Agency to police fine print on financial transactions and ensure that practices by banks and credit card companies are fair.

Big U.S. cities see resurgence in population growth

The Census Bureau is releasing data on 2008 population trends on Wednesday. With the economy in recession, it appears people are moving to far-flung suburbs less and less.

UPDATE: Appeal hearings in Casey's killings address mental competence

Tuesday was the second day of a trial appealing the death sentence of Ernest Johnson, who was convicted of murdering three employees in 1994 at a Casey's General Store. Testimony covered Johnson's psychiatric condition and data on justifications for seeking capital punishment.

Family Health Center receives federal stimulus funds for expanded services

The Family Health Center of Boone County will receive more than $600,000 in federal stimulus grant money to improve its dental care and purchase essential medical equipment to aid in its service of disadvantaged area residents.

Money Smart seeks to offer path to self-sufficiency

A free, 10-week program offered by the Columbia Housing Authority, Money Smart, is aimed at helping people develop skills needed to improve their personal finances. Some graduates have realized their dream of owning a home.

New psychiatric center set to open Wednesday at MU

The new Missouri Psychiatric Center is to replace the Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center. The new center is to operate under MU Health Care with most of its existing staff.

Midwest economy shows improvement, survey says

The Mid-America Business Conditions Index rose to its highest level since September of last year, indicating that the region's economy is improving, but despite the rise, job losses persist.

Protection from sun stressed during UV safety month in Missouri

State health officials said exposure leads to 20,000 new skin cancer cases in Missouri each year and recommend using sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and avoiding the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

West Nile season arrives in Missouri

Despite the decline in the number of West Nile cases over the past six years, Missourians should still be cautious over the next few months.

'Access to Justice' seeks to provide legal assistance to needy

Seeing a need for additional legal assistance for Columbia's poor, the local legal community has banded together to create Mid-Missouri Access to Justice. Initially, the program will focus on helping needy residents with domestic violence and domestic relations cases.

St. Louis billboard seeks warning labels for hot dogs

A new billboard is going up along 1-70 in St. Louis, in time for the All-Star Game later this month in Busch Stadium. The billboard suggests a link between processed meats and colorectal cancer.

Pennsylvania law firm to pay penalty for Gephardt campaign donations

The firm will pay $155,000 to settle allegations that it illegally funneled money to former Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt, who is not accused of any wrongdoing.

Sikeston reaches agreement with black community

The city is apologizing for an Election Day incident in which police held training exercises in front of a polling place.

Missouri governor sign license office measure

The legislation would require the state to award contracts for vehicle and driver's license offices through competitive bids.

Missouri man paroled after decades in prison on murder conviction

Michael Wayne Ford Sr., who was convicted of murdering hitchhiker Larry Sansoucie in 1977, was released Wednesday after being granted clemency more than four years ago.