ANALYSIS: Energy savings fee could cost on Missouri bills

A bill awaiting Gov. Jay Nixon's signature would allow utility companies to recoup expenses on energy-efficiency promotions by charging a fee on customer bills.

Ashland lawyer set for his third of the Seven Summits

Bill Powell, a 59-year-old Ashland lawyer, has been climbing mountains for 20 years and has reached the top of two of the Seven Summits, a group of mountains that are the highest point in each continent. He plans to attempt his third in August.

Making Jesus the homeboy for inner-city youth

The inner-city youth need a presence to guide them, and we can't help them on our own. Only with Jesus as their homeboy will they be led down the right path.

Stewart wins at Daytona after last-lap wreck

Tony Stewart sent Kyle Busch into a spectacular last-lap crash that triggered a pile-up, and went on to claim a tarnished victory in Saturday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Daytona International Speedway. Columbia native Carl Edwards finished fourth.

MU scientists successfully convert pig tissue into stem cells

MU scientists have successfully created stem cells from the cells of pigs' connective tissue. The scientists say they hope their research will provide an alternative to the controversial use of embryonic stem cells.

Changes to UM System pension take effect amid mixed reactions

The UM System's decision to make contributions to its retirement fund went into effect Wednesday. Some employees are concerned that it affects lower-income workers too much, but the system says the move was caused by the recession and that it has done all it can to protect lower-income workers.

Police say Missouri woman likely abducted

Deborah Marsch of Union has not been seen since she left her home early Friday morning.

Tennessee police rule McNair's death a homicide

On Sunday, police said NFL quarterback Steve McNair's Saturday shooting death was a homicide.  With the investigation still underway, those close to McNair took the time to remember his life and his career.

Rove: Palin resignation part of a 'risky strategy'

On Sunday's news shows, political observers struggled to make sense of the Alaska governor's decision and its effects.

Teens on vacation want to sleep late and shop

Teenagers can be great on family vacations — if you let them live a little and make their own decisions.

Columbians get involved with

Citizens are coming together in Columbia thanks to, a social-networking site that encourages meeting in person.

Today's Question: How do you convince landlords to be energy efficient?

Official: Inmate shocked with Taser at Boone County Jail

A 20-year-old female inmate at Boone County Jail was shocked with a Taser on Saturday afternoon by an officer. The inmate had threatened to harm officers and herself, Capt. Jenny Atwell said. 

Missouri native picked to be NASA astronaut

Mike Hopkins of Richland had applied to be an astronaut three times before, but on his fourth try, NASA accepted Hopkins, along with eight other candidates, from a nationwide applicant pool of 3,500 for its latest class of astronauts.

Mid-Missouri sees increase in treatment for AIDS/HIV

Rain-Central Missouri, a case management organization, has enrolled 58 new clients in the last year.

Little people call for FCC to ban 'midget'

The Little People of America organization said Sunday that the word 'midget' is just as offensive as racial slurs.

Holiday fireworks accidents kill 4 workers

A fireworks explosion on one of North Carolina's Outer Banks islands killed three people, and a fourth was killed during the finale of a show in Pennsylvania.

Walt Disney World monorail crash kills employee

The transit system, which shuttles thousands of visitors around the sprawling resort each day, was shut down while authorities investigated the wreck.

Springfield council looks at same sex law

The Springfield City Council is considering the removal of a local ordinance that makes it illegal to entice a member of the same gender to engage in sexual activity in a public place.

Sprinkler flooding forces evacuation of Boston jail

The inmates from Middlesex Jail were evacuated by bus to other facilites, but it is unknown how long the jail will be closed.