Council divided on bicycle ordinance

A few council members disagree about whether they should have passed a cyclist harassment ordinance last month.

COMMENT: Cheerleading's thrills make risks worth taking

Coaches don’t waste time babying cheerleaders, even though an estimated 16,000 cheerleaders are injured every year in accidents involving dramatic stunts and tumbles. It’s called competitive cheerleading for a reason — the stakes are high and there are always other talented cheerleaders waiting to take your spot on the team.

LETTER: Ordinance will protect cyclists against true harassment

The Pedestrian and Pedaling Network voices its opinion on City Council's June 15 approval of a bicycle harassment ordinance.

Tickets to Jackson memorial being sold for thousands

On eBay, bids for tickets for Tuesday's event were reaching as high as $3,000, though it was impossible to verify the seriousness of those bids.

The road to Microsoft City, Missouri

We expect to see advertisements in our media, but there’s got to be a line drawn between what space is for rent and what isn’t. The sale of a New York City subway stop seems to bode badly for that line's coordinates.

Humane trapping teaches compassion and responsibility

Humane trapping of animals brings family and Columbia together.

Cheerleading a low-cost Title IX fix

Not everyone is cheering the rise of competitive cheer — especially those in the fight to expand women's collegiate sports. They say cheerleading is a support activity, like a marching band, and claim calling it a sport just gives universities an excuse to eliminate more recognized women's teams.

Columbia School Board to discuss resource officers, teacher evaluations

The Columbia Public School District has agreed to pay half of school resource officers' salaries and has also recommended extending teacher evaluation cycles.

'Pepper and Friends' supporters gather to protest the show's cancellation

Demonstrators gathered outside KOMU/Channel 8 to voice discontent over the cancellation of the talk show "Pepper and Friends." In addition, 2,752 signatures on a petition were delivered to the station.

Drury reaches out to black high schoolers

University hopes to offer college experience to students who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

Boat collision on Current River kills two

An 11-year-old boy and a 25-year-old man died after two johnboats collided. The Missouri State Water Patrol says the collision was unavoidable.

Today's Question: Nixon vetoes helmet bill

If the state requires motorcyclist to wear helmets, is it unnecessarily infringing on their rights?

McNamara, defense chief during Vietnam War, dies

Pulling troops out of Iraqi cities

Q&A about what the U.S. is doing to get soldiers out of Iraq.

Large Missouri family raises special-needs children

In addition to their two biological children, Arthur and Juanita Lonjers of St. Joseph have adopted and care for seven special-needs children. While raising the children takes much time and effort, the Lonjers have found their lifestyle fulfilling.

WWII fathers sought — and sometimes found

Public military records and national archives have helped unite some families.

Riding the bus twice a lifesaver for Missouri man

James Jones has had two medical emergencies in as many years while riding the Liberty Express Metro bus in Kansas City. Both rides, however, proved to be lifesavers.

'Snake Lady' shares love of reptiles for 25 years

A Sedalia woman, better known to some as the "Snake Lady," gives volunteer snake presentations to school groups and said snakes have been a part of her life for 25 years.

Residents barter and network using Columbia Exchange Circle

Members of the Columbia Exchange Circle say the program has helped them build relationships with their neighbors by exchanging goods and services using a currency called marbles.

Missouri boosting payments to sheltered workshops

Thousands of disabled Missourians are employed in sheltered workshops across the state, where they're paid below minimum wage to perform basic tasks. The state's reimbursement rate to these workshops rose by $5 and is scheduled to rise again next summer.