Cap and trade or cap and trust?

The administration’s glorious augury of “Cap and Trade” act cutting noxious greenhouse gases to the bone while creating millions of “green” jobs is more consistent with imagination and theory than with fact.

Today's Question: Post-DARE, who will provide substance abuse education?

With the elimination of the DARE program, what other methods should be put in place to educate students about substance abuse?

Columbia Trojans give second chance to central Missouri football players

The Columbia Trojans are a new football team giving a second chance to Central Missouri football players. But for some, the Trojans provide a second chance beyond the football field.

Dressing sharp is one way to improve manners

For some of us, as young women, dressing for the occasion was as much a part of the event as our attendance. Making certain that the dress, the shoes and yes, even the makeup was right, was a part of the fun. It’s hard to imagine growing up as a female without this rite of passage.

MU student stranded in Honduras amid coup

An MU student who went to Honduras to do missionary work is stuck in the country amid government in-fighting.

Root 'N' Blues pays last year's debt

The company in charge of the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival reimbursed the City Council on Monday night for its 2008 debt.

LETTER: Societal values define the term 'puppy mill'

While the U.S. Department of Agriculture has minimal requirements for dog owners, society sets a higher standard, which leads to the term "puppy mills" for the technically legal but inhumane treatment of dogs.

Thirteen apply for slot on Columbia Planning & Zoning Commission

The Columbia City Council now has 13 applicants to choose from for a seat on Columbia's influential Planning and Zoning Commission. The Council twice extended the deadline to solicit more candidates.

Income-based loan repayment plan may grant relief

A new income-based student loan repayment plan that began July 1 could help students struggling with debt.

MU triple threat pulls double duty

Alexandra Milner is one of two actors cast in the two main productions for MU Summer Repertory Theatre's 41st season: "Steel Magnolias" and "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change." Although she is busy with at least six hours of rehearsal every day, she said she wouldn't "change" it if she could.

Nixon appoints two new curators

Wayne Goode, a former state legislator, and David Bradley, publisher of the St. Joseph News-Press, have been appointed for four-year terms.

Los Angeles braces for Michael Jackson's final act

As officials prepare for Michael Jackson's public memorial, fans with tickets to the event gather outside the Staples Center to share their memories of the artist.

Columbia Public Schools eliminate DARE program, consider alternative methods

School resource officers will no longer teach DARE because of concerns that they are taking time away from patrolling to lead DARE classes at elementary schools. The district is considering integrating drug education into the health curriculum.

Columbia man charged in connection to string of burglaries

Columbia Police are investigating 22 commercial burglaries that occured in June. One man has been charged in connection with three of the burglaries and is suspected in two more.

MU to offer two winemaking workshops

MU will offer summer winemaking workshops starting next week.

Inmate shocked with Taser back in Boone County Jail

No disciplinary action will be taken against the officer who shocked a Boone County Jail inmate with a Taser, and the jail seeks to file additional criminal charges against the inmate.

Former Columbia man pleads guilty to child pornography possession charges

A former Columbia man pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of possession of child pornography. He was arrested in February and will be sentenced in August.

Three Cut Throat members plead guilty to federal charges

Three of 16 suspected members of the Cut Throat gang who were brought up on federal charges earlier this year for two drug-trafficking conspiracies pleaded guilty to several counts on Monday.

Two Montessori schools to open in Columbia

Windsor Street Montessori Elementary School will open Sept. 1. The school already has 21 children enrolled for the fall. The Montessori Center for the Young Child will open just after Labor Day and is expected to enroll up to 34 children.

Missouri Dept. of Social Services pushes for day care changes

Missouri has proposed more stringent requirements for day care centers at the requests of early childhood education advocates, who have argued the current system puts children at risk. The proposal is awaiting approval of a legislative committee.