Missouri governor signs bill allowing paternity challenges

Legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Jay Nixon gives men two years to contest paternity rulings with a DNA test.

Pickens' energy campaign marches on despite obstacles

T. Boone Pickens, who visited MU in the spring, is still touting his clean energy initiative across the country, but slumping energy prices are proving less of an incentive for Americans to buy into it.

St. Louis hospital launches fetal care center

SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center has opened its new Fetal Care Institute, which is expected to assist pregnant women in the Midwest who previously had to go hundreds of miles for treatment.

Missouri lawmaker pleads guilty to drunken driving

Michael Corcoran, a Democrat from St. Ann, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge and two traffic charges that carried a $250 fine.

Republican primary likely in Missouri auditor's race

Two Republicans now challenging Susan Montee for state auditor job as Tom Schweich announces candidacy.

Missouri housing agency's ethics panel approves new rules

The rules were changed after an internal audit raised concerns about commissioners ties with developers.

Carnahan appealing Missouri affirmative action ruling

A judge ruled in June that Carnahan should have rejected the proposal because of a flaw in its wording.

Missouri town restricts sales of medicine used in meth

The eastern Missouri town of Washington will require a prescription for medications containing pseudoephedrine, a main ingredient in both Sudafed and methamphetamine.

Rural Missouri has potential for renewable energy, report says

The Natural Resources Defense Council said Missouri has the potential for setting up additional wind farms, producing ethanol and harnessing methane gas from large livestock farms.

Rust closes part of western Missouri bridge

A Missouri Route 291 bridge in Kansas City is closed because of rust damage and could remain that way for months.