Kickball rivalry grows in championship game

Pitcher Kristine Malotte of the Chuck Norris team competes in the Show-Me-State Games kickball tournament. Her team won the championship last year.

The St. Louis Big Ballers and the St. Louis Kickball Association played in the championship game of the Show-Me State Games kickball tournament Sunday at Rainbow Softball Center.

Ultimate teamwork: Missouri eco-villages send Ultimate Frisbee team to Show-Me State Games

For one ecologically-minded team at the Show-Me State Games, the laid-back game of Ultimate Frisbee isn't just a good time — it's a mirror of their community values.

Youth soccer coach brings military experience to his team

Les Shaeffer, an eight-year veteran of the Marines, coaches the Neosho United soccer team, which won a bronze medal in the under-6 division at the ShowMe State Games.

Fitness kick leads to Show-Me State Games triathlon

Karen Knowles, 58, competed Sunday morning in her fourth Show-Me State Games triathlon. Knowles said that five years ago, she was “an overweight couch-potato.”

Columbia pastor bikes to raise awareness of racism

First Christian Church pastor John Yonker will bike 380 miles to the denomination's general assembly in Indianapolis on July 25 to raise racial awareness in the church community.

ANALYSIS: Fish and energy needs clash in the Midwest

In a federal effort to protect trout fish, the hydropower capacity of several dams could be reduced. Some electric companies argue that if federal efforts prove successful and hydropower from dams is reduced, potentially less carbon-friendly power plants might be relied upon as an alternative for customers.

6-year-old Nixa boy saves family from fire

Had it not been for Tyler Egan's quick thinking, he and his family might have been in grave danger during a fire that consumed their house on Wednesday. Tyler applied fire safety lessons recently learned in school to swiftly lead his family away from harm.

MU professor creates theater-inspired portraits

James M. Miller, professor of theater at MU, works in a number of media, particularly drawing and painting "everyday people" from Mississippi. His work is on display at MU's George Caleb Bingham Gallery until Aug. 6.

Downtown businesses have mixed feelings about Roots 'N' Blues

The organizers of the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival have claimed that the festival has a multi-million dollar economic impact on the community. But some downtown business owners say they don't see much benefit.

MU professor debunks hoax theory of moon landing

MU professor Jeff Pasley offers a scholarly take on one of the country's favorite conspiracy theories.

Changes made to review board ordinance in advance of council meeting

The revised Citizens Police Review Board ordinance does not grant the review board subpoena power and only requires the chief of police to attend meetings when requested by the board.

Rummage sale raises over $13,000 for student with cancer

Sharin Muskrat, 23, was diagnosed with cancer, so her friends have rallied together and thrown a rummage sale to help raise money for her medical bills.

Horse show encourages casual competition

The Youth Fun Horse and Pony Show featured a variety of horses of every shape, size and color while allowing younger riders to test their skills.

Nixon joins four other governors on Middle East trip

Nixon said he is there to show support for the troops, to better understand the National Guard's role in the region and to make a pitch for securing better equipment for the Guard.

Missouri retirement system puts bonuses on hold

The Missouri retirement system is putting $162,258 in staff bonuses on hold because of state budget cuts stemming from the economic downturn. Gov. Jay Nixon's administration declared the move "an appropriate first step."

Missouri church camp cleans after swine flu confirmed

Swine flu and strep throat cases prompted officials to send hundreds of campers home a day early last week.

150-pound Minnesota cupcake sets Guinness record

The cupcake is 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide with 15 pounds of fudge filling and 60 pounds of yellow icing.

Space: a place of forgotten achievements and new inspiration

From the highs of Moon, Pa., in 1969 to the ever-illusive nature of Mars, space travel will always inspire the curiosity of adventurous Americans.

Events, exhibits mark 40 years since man walked on moon

A variety of museums, space centers and other institutions are marking the anniversary of the 1969 moonwalk with events, exhibits, concerts and lectures.

Young Pennsylvania lemonade sellers have brush with law

A police officer told the kids they were violating an ordinance that bans sales without a permit. The officer later said he did not know the law only applied to persons 16 years and older.