UPDATE: Former school board member Rosie Tippin dies

Rosie Tippin, shown here with friends during a Bible study in February 2008, died on Monday night after a long illness.

The former elementary school principal and "lifelong educator" was passionate about children's academic success. A statement to the media from her son Keener Tippin II on behalf of the family said she died surrounded by family and loved ones.

Today's Question: Jefferson City, City of Jefferson or Jeff City?

What do you call Missouri's capital city?

Original Roy Rogers unlikely to reach today's kids

News recently broke that surviving family members want to bring Roy Rogers back to the silver screen to edify today's youth. But unless the original content is drastically changed, that admirable messenger and his message will unlikely reach modern kids. 

Florissant officer fatally shoots burglary suspect

A 19-year-old burglary suspect who was shot by one of three Florissant officers after showing officers a weapon has died at a hospital during surgery. The officer who shot the suspect had 22 years of experience and is now on administrative leave.

Developing El Nino could be causing cooler summer temperatures

The record-low temperatures in Columbia might be caused by a developing El Nino, which could also lead to a more moderate winter this year.

Former midwife switches from audience member to actor

After attending an improvisational comedy show, DeeDee Folkerts, a former midwife in Boone County, decided it was time for a career change. Today, she participates in improv comedy, acts in scripted plays and is a founding member of a local theater company.

St. Louis professor played key role in studying lunar rocks

Washington University physics professor Robert Walker played a pivotal role in persuading NASA to collect rock samples during the Apollo missions, which have continued to be valuable for researching the origins of the solar system and life on Earth.

Eastern Missouri town under boil order

Residents of Washington, Mo., are being told to vigorously boil water before drinking it or brushing their teeth due to a positive test for E. coli bacteria by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Springfield utility shutoffs rise 40 percent

City Utilities initiated stricter policies after a state audit, contributing to 9,198 utility shutoffs from March 2008 to April 2009.

Eastern Missouri town under boil order after E. coli test

Residents of Washington, Mo., should boil water vigorously for at least three minutes before drinking it or brushing their teeth and should throw out ice in their freezers, said Jim Briggs, city administrator.

Columbia woman to get home makeover from local church members

Members of the Fairview Road Church of Christ will put on their hard hats this week to participate in their own version of "Extreme Home Makeover" for a Columbia family.

Dogs take ribbons at 4-H/FFA dog show

A range of breeds competed Saturday evening in events such as showmanship, obedience, rally and agility. Whether the ribbons were blue for first or pink for fourth, almost every dog went home with a ribbon.

PHOTO GALLERY: Boone County Fair horse shows

Competitors showed off their horses on Sunday at the annual horse shows at the Boone County Fair.

Calf show features animals raised by kids

The Junior Bucket Calf Show was held Sunday afternoon at the Boone County Fairgrounds. The show encourages children's interest in cows by allowing them to show off the calves that they raised during the year.

Moon rocks still aid Washington University scientists in research

Washington University scientists continue to analyze rocks from the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 in hopes of finding clues that lend insight into how life began on Earth.

Missouri House creates autism insurance committee

The committee, which will draft regulations for insurance coverage of autism, was formed after autism legislation failed to come up for a House vote during the 2009 session.

Kansas City to add 2 red-light cameras

Public Works Department officials said they expect to activate the two new cameras by July 31 but have no additional plans to expand the program.

Share your 1969 moon landing story

Post a memory or a comment about the 1969 moon landing.

Missouri retirement system puts bonuses on hold

Fifty-seven of the Missouri retirement system's staffers had been expecting to receive bonuses on June 29, but state budget cuts have led to $162,258 in payments being put on hold.

Former school board member Rosie Tippin dies

Rosie Tippin had dealt with illness for a long time, which had led to her resignation from the school board.