Meetings held for businesses planning new St. Louis bridge bids

A $640 million project to build a new bridge across the Mississippi in St. Louis is scheduled to go out to bed in the fall.  Meetings will be held Aug. 5 and Aug. 6 for businesses looking to bid for work on the project.

Closed landfill in Hannibal will not be energy source

The city of Hannibal is still searching for alternative energy sources after it was determined the amount of methane gas in an old landfill would not be sufficient to generate electricity.

Missouri conservationists ask for help in combating wildflower

Spotted knapweed, a plant not native to the Missouri area, is taking over many pastures and wildlife habitats.  The Missouri Department of Conservation is asking for help in eradicating the wildflower.

Federal mandate gives pay raise to Missouri's minimum wage workers

With the federal minimum wage rising to $7.25 an hour on Friday, Missouri's minimum wage workers will receive a pay increase. The state minimum wage could go above federal guidelines in January, based on the national Consumer Price Index.