St. Louis judge sues over red-light camera ticket

Judge Robery Dierker has asked for a jury trial in the case, and has asked a fellow judge to dismiss the charge.

Carbon plan could mean higher utility bills

The cap-and-trade system proposed in Congress would force utilities to reduce their emissions or pay extra for pollution credits.

Missing boater's body found in Stockton Lake

Missouri State Water Patrol divers found George Rosales' body on Saturday night. He drowned while sailing with his girlfriend and grandfather on Friday.

Woman dies after backing SUV into Lake of the Ozarks

Linda Rambo of Lake Ozark died on Saturday night after backing over a sea wall and into the lake.

Fake police officer tries to stop real officer

A California man was arrested for impersonating an officer after he pulled over an unmarked police car.

Man credits sweater for Hemingway contest win

The man braved the Florida heat in a wool fisherman's sweater to win an Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest.

YMCA camp where sickness broke out remains closed

Campers at Camp Lakewood in Potosi came down with an illness that is still unidentified. The YMCA said Swine Flu is not suspected.

100 canaries seized in Connecticut bird fighting ring

Canaries generally are known as small songbirds that make good pets. But they can become aggressive and fight with each other, especially during breeding season.