Cardinals bring in 16-year-old prospect Mateo

Wagner Mateo, a 16-year-old top prospect from the Dominican Republic, was invited to Busch Stadium on Monday to take batting practice and experience the big leagues firsthand. Mateo received a $3.1 million bonus from the Cardinals earlier this month.

St. Louis scientists, doctors form alliance to fight malnutrition

Dr. Mark Manary, of St. Louis Children's Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, is now working with scientists from the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to use biotechnology to fortify crops.

St. Louis Rams sign 7th-round draft pick Ogbonnaya

Chris Ogbonnaya, a seventh-round draft pick, has signed with the St. Louis Rams, the team said Monday. Ogbonnaya attended the University of Texas at Austin.

Two more 'century farms' to be honored in southwest Missouri

The farms in Greene County will be honored Aug. 2 as part of the Missouri Century Farm Program, which recognizes farms that are still productive and have been in the same family for at least 100 years.

Tim Klein named as new National Beef Packing CEO

Tim Klein, chief operating officer of National Beef Packing Co. LLC, has been promoted to CEO of the company. Klein has worked for National Beef since 1997.

St. Louis thief poses as utility worker, targets victims in 80s, 90s

In south St. Louis, a man has been posing as a Laclede Gas worker to gain entry to the homes of victims ranging in age from 80 to 92.

Maplewood City Hall evacuated after woman brings police old grenade

The bomb squad disposed of the 89-year-old woman's grenade, which was believed by authorities to be from World War II.

UPDATE: Suspect in abortion provider's killing pleads not guilty

The anti-abortion activist accused of fatally shooting late-term abortion doctor George Tiller in May pleaded not guilty Tuesday after ushers at the church where Tiller was killed testified that they saw him open fire on the doctor. Suspect Scott Roeder has said homicide is justified as a means of stopping abortions.

Highway plan part of economic recovery in hard-hit Kansas

Officials in economically ailing Kansas say their latest comprehensive transportation plan is key to the state's recovery. 

ANALYSIS: Politicians weigh in on controversial Nixon appointments

Gov. Jay Nixon's controversial appointments could lead to a dispute when the Senate reconvenes next year.

Sprint focuses on prepaid with Virgin Mobile deal

With Tuesday's announcement of a $483 million acquisition of prepaid cell phone giant Virgin Mobile, Sprint Nextel Corp. is focusing on the fast-growing market for inexpensive, convenient prepaid mobile service. 

Usher describes shooting, threats in Kansas abortion provider's church

A second usher at abortion doctor George Tiller's church, where Tiller was fatally shot in May, testified Tuesday about the shooting and about suspect Scott Roeder's threats against the ushers who tried to stop him.

Suspect in Kansas abortion doctor's killing pleads not guilty

The man suspected of fatally shooting late-term abortion provider George Tiller in May at Tiller's church pleaded not guilty Tuesday. He will be tried in September.