Veteran racer takes on Missouri River for first time

Cami Ronchetto of Columbia stands with her two-person kayak "Jordan" on Saturday, three days before she embarks on the MR 340 race with partner Linda LaFontaine. The boat race takes participants from Kansas City to St. Louis via the Missouri River, and Ronchetto expects that it will take her tandem about 75 hours to complete the course.

Cami Ronchetto and Linda LaFontaine are two of the many racers participating in the Missouri River 340. Ronchetto has participated in a number of adventure races over the years, but this is her first time tackling the Missouri River competition.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Police use of force in Columbia growing more out of control

With the recent arrest of Carl Alan Giles, in which at least 10 officers were present when Giles was found urinating in an alley, it's time to reexamine the department's use-of-force procedures.

Missouri River race presents daunting challenges

A record-number of competitors will paddle down the Missouri River this week as part of the Missouri River 340. The grueling race presents physical and mental challenges to the participants during its four-day run.

Today's Question: Charging for admission at Roots 'N' Blues

Will charging for Roots 'N' Blues tickets this year produce a lower attendance at the festival?

Sheriff's Department looking for missing man

The Boone County Sheriff's Department is searching for 52-year-old Mark Durrant, who was last seen Monday night. No foul play is suspected.

Columbia man arrested for drug possession

The Boone County Sheriff's Department found cocaine and pills in a Columbia man's vehicle after the man called the department.

Administrators, professors look to social media to communicate with students

Columbia area educators are adopting social media as a new way of teaching and connecting with students. Educators aren't sure how best to use this technology, but are trying it out in a variety of ways.

Stephens president uses social media to connect with campus

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch blogs about her personal experiences at Stephens to connect with students she wouldn't normally be able to speak to.

MU professor will experiment using social media in his classroom

MU professor Larry Brown has decided to try incorporating Facebook into his teaching, but is wary of it's ability to replace in-person conversation.

MU convergence instructor creates Twitter buzz

New MU journalism faculty member Jim Macmillan has more than 50,000 Twitter followers. He thinks journalism students will need to know how to use social networking.

UPDATE: Nixon announces technology grants for schools

Columbia schools will receive $199,989 as part of the more than $4 million in grants to fund technology in Missouri schools.

Columbia College student teachers gain direct placement in public schools

Starting in the fall, student teachers at Columbia College can work directly with seven schools in the Columbia Public School District. Previously, they had to secure placement by going through MU's program.

A hero shunted aside

Stan the Man should have had his day at this year’s MLB All-Star Game, and he should not have been upstaged by anyone, not even the president.

History offers valuable lessons in modern issues of race

The arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates provided proof that conversations on race are still vital and important. It's up to everyone to know their history in order to maintain the discussion and keep others informed.

Columbia City Council hears report on lowering residential speed limits

An MU study found that lowering the speed limit to 25 mph in residential neighborhoods encourages drivers to travel at a slower speed. The City Council will vote on the issue at its Aug. 17 meeting.

Proposed loitering law report reviewed by city council

The City Council wants police to conduct further research about a potential ordinance to prohibit loitering downtown.

P&Z to begin soliciting comprehensive plan task force applicants

The city will begin looking for people interested in joining a task force charged with helping the Planning and Zoning Commission develop a comprehensive plan for Columbia.

Public shares views of campus police department

As part of the process for being re-accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, the MU Police Department held an information session in which members of the public discussed their opinions of MU police. In order to receive re-accreditation, the department must meet 357 of the commission's standards.

Columbia police officers receive award for saving life

Two Columbia police officers were honored Monday night for helping to save a Columbia man.

Police still looking for shooting suspect

Police are still searching for a suspect believed to be involved in Friday's shooting of a Columbia 15-year-old.