Retired MU professor ready for 35th city golf championship

Hardeep Bhullar, chairman of the Columbia City Golf Championship, practices his putting Tuesday at the Columbia Country Club. Bhullar has competed in every tournament since the event began in 1975.

Hardeep Bhullar, the chairman of the Columbia City Golf Championship, has played in every tournament since the event began in 1975.

Lewis and Clark re-enactors racing Chinook Indian canoe in Missouri River 340

The Its Woot Rivermen are one of the teams competing in this year's Missouri River 340, a trek for canoeists and kayakers that takes paddlers 340 miles down the Missouri River. The team is part of the Discovery Exploration organization that from 2003 to 2006 reenacted the Lewis and Clark expedition across America.

They followed the same path as Lewis and Clark and camped at the same locations. The only difference was the modern-day travelers used satellite cell phones to keep in touch with communities where had planned to make presentations and they used a motorized canoe because many of the rivers are no longer navigable with paddles.

When mortgaging your property gets old, try settling in Catan

The German board game Settlers of Catan succeeds where Monopoly fails at being the perfect board game.

Today's Question: Should social media be used in education?

Social networking sites are becoming more popular and some teachers believe they will help enhance the classroom experience. Still, opinions of both teachers and students are mixed on the issue.

The problem with Facebook photos

More and more people use excessive numbers of photographs as proof they had a good time, but the camera takes the person out of the moment.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri River 340 racers get late but successful start

Race co-director Scott Mansker said the race, a 340-mile trek for canoeists and kayakers down the Missouri River to St. Charles, was delayed for the first time in its short four-year history.

Bond to support Sotomayor

The Missouri senator said partisanship shouldn't drive decisions on judges, and he will vote to confirm the Supreme Court nominee.

Foreign detainees wouldn't be Midwest's first

Historians say the negative reaction to housing suspected terrorists in Kansas is far different from what it was like when World War II POWs were housed in Kansas, Missouri and other states.

Gov. Nixon selected as Distinguished Eagle Scout

Gov. Jay Nixon will receive the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award next year. It's an award that fewer than one of every 1,000 Eagle Scouts ultimately receive.

'Missing' grand jury records turn up in Missouri murder

A defense attorney for the Mark Woodworth wants the transcripts, which a judge ruled did not exist, in order to scrutinize the courtroom conduct of the prosecutor who presented the evidence.

Group wants more Midwest Latinos to answer Census

Eleven Midwest states are participating in an education and awareness campaign that aims to encourage Latinos to participate in the 2010 Census. Officials say some immigrants worry about providing details that could lead to inquiries of their immigration status.

UPDATE: U.S. Commerce chief announces electric vehicle grants

Smith Electric Vehicle's U.S. subsidiary is receiving a $10 million grant to help build its planned manufacturing plant near the Kansas City International Airport. It is part of a national effort to boost the battery and electric vehicle industry and create jobs.

VIDEO: National Night Out 2009

Eighteen Columbia Neighborhood Watch groups held events Tuesday evening including potluck dinners and cake walks.

U.S. Commerce chief announces electric vehicle grants

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced more than $15 million in federal grants for Missouri, including money for Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corp., the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC.

UPDATE: Missouri to seek $200 million in stimulus funds for railroads

The projects focus on the Union Pacific tracks used by the twice daily Amtrak passenger trains between St. Louis and Kansas City.

Missouri seeks stimulus funds for Kansas City-St. Louis rail

Missouri is competing against other states for the stimulus funds, and preliminary applications show states are seeking nearly 12 times the amount of money available.

Council approves application process for Citizens Police Review Board

The City Council set an application deadline for noon Sept. 4 for the review board Monday night, and also heard a report on juvenile crime statistics.

City Council approves plans for public transit commission

On Monday City Council approved a report for the formation of a public transit advisory commission. City staff will now draft bylaws for the commission, which will be discussed by the council at a future meeting.

Appeals court upholds ruling against gun club

Besides determining whether the damages were excessive, Cedar Creek Rod and Gun Club also asked the appeals court to vacate a permanent injunction against the club based on a statutory amendment that grants firing ranges in Missouri immunity from civil lawsuits based on noise nuisance.

Obama nominates MU alumnus for Homeland Security medical post

Alexander Garza, a 1996 graduate of the MU School of Medicine, has been nominated to become assistant secretary for health affairs and chief medical officer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.