Legislative recess, elementary style

Considering all the infighting that goes on in Congress these days, people often liken our congresspersons to a bunch of bickering children. Sometimes, it's fun to imagine if they actually were.

Counterfeit bills surface in Columbia

Six Columbia businesses reported the use of fake $100 bills. The bills pass initial authenticity tests but do not pass the more thorough tests now being conducted by banks.

Columbia police: Arrests up, use of force down

The Professional Standards Unit of the Columbia Police Department released a quarterly report Tuesday that showed a seasonal increase in contacts between police and citizens. Columbia Police Lt. John White said this was because more people are out in the second quarter because of the weather.

Majority of Columbia public schools fall short of state progress standards

This year, all but four Columbia public schools failed to meet adequate yearly progress, which is used to examine student proficiency in math and communication arts. Four elementary schools met the state-defined standards. An additional two elementary schools face corrective actions after falling short of the standards for a second consecutive year.

Understanding adequate yearly progress

The adequate yearly progress determined by Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test scores for third- to eighth-graders is expected to be one hundred percent by 2014.

Will civil unrest at town hall meetings produce policy change?

With a large portion of the American population upset with the progress being made in health care reform, town hall meetings have turned ugly and in some states physical. Will this induce the lawmakers to change?

Lance Armstrong won't ride in Tour of Missouri

Although Astana, Armstrong's current cycling team, will be participating in the Tour of Missouri, Armstrong will be at a cancer-fighting fundraiser for his Livestrong Foundation in Canada during the race.

E-mails suggest Sen. Bond sought removal of U.S. Attorney Graves

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee released the documents as part of its investigation into the White House's role in the firing of nine federal prosecutors during President George W. Bush's administration. Bond has denied any involvement.

Missouri students score better in English than in math and science

The results of these tests have left schools across the state facing sanctions underneath the No Child Left Behind Act and examining their math and science curriculums.

Missouri senators picked for special energy committee

The committee's task is to draft a strategy to ensure Missouri has a clean, abundant source of energy for the electricity needs of the state's homes and businesses.