Daniel Boone in Little League regional title game

A 3-2 victory over a team from Nebraska advanced the Daniel Boone National team to Saturday's Midwest Regional Championship, where they will play a team from Iowa with a trip to the Little League World Series on the line. The game is set to be televised on ESPN.

Deaton, McCaskill, Palin: More evidence of smart people acting stupidly

Whether it's firing one of MU's greatest assets or voting against expanding a successful federal program, smart people do stupid things every day. Some more examples:

Missouri dairy industry aided by USDA price supports

In July, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that the government will increase the prices paid for dairy products through the Dairy Product Price Support Program. The dairy industry cycles with extreme highs and lows, taking its toll on Missouri's dairy farmers.

Debunking the right's health care propaganda

Right-wing attacks on the proposed health care overhaul have used fear, anger and the mass media to scare the American public away from necessary reform.

Cycling club holds discussion between cyclists, motorists

The Columbia Multisport Club held a forum Wednesday night to give motorists and cyclists an opportunity to talk through their issues.

Two of three trucks stolen from Columbia business recovered

Fred Braselton, one of the owners of Columbia Auto Auction, said this is the first time vehicles from his business have been stolen.

Former Missouri Gov. Hearnes seriously ill

Former Missouri Gov. Warren Hearnes is gravely ill at his home in Charleston. Hearnes' wife and three daughters have gathered by his side.  The 86-year-old politician is weak and fading from natural causes related to his age.

Columbia Second Chance event promotes taking home less-adoptable animals

Although no one chose to take home a pet from the "Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day" event, volunteers remained optimistic for the animals at Columbia Second Chance.

Missouri convict asks for new hearing in 1990 slaying

Mark Woodworth, who was convicted in connection to a 1990 murder, has filed an appeal for a new trial with the Missouri Court of Appeals in Kansas City.

Missouri bank robber headed to prison

The "Boonie Hat Bandit" was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to more than $105,000 in restitution Thursday after admitting to robbing 12 banks.

Man admits he flew stolen plane from Canada to Missouri

The Canadian man admitted he stole a Cesna airplane from an Ontario flight school on April 6 and flew it for seven hours from Ontario to its final landing spot — a road near Ellsinore.

Former Missouri Gov. Hearnes seriously ill

The 86-year-old former governor is said to be weak and fading from natural causes related to his age. His wife and three daughters have gathered by his side at his home in Charleston.

Today's Question: Are Columbia schools' test scores cause for concern?

Only four schools in the Columbia Public School District are making "adequate yearly progress," a standard set by the No Child Left Behind Act, and two schools now face "corrective action."

SLIDESHOW: Teen with troubled past takes refuge at Sol House

Mary Grantham took refuge in Columbia’s only transitional living center for teens, Sol House. Now, she's almost back on her feet.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Health care proposals will hurt elderly, the young especially hard

A lot of people don't know the finer ins and outs of Obama's health care plan, including some of its potential dangers. Among other things, the new plan could result in an increase in premiums ad billions of dollars in cuts for Medicare Advantage.

Nicole Mello brings experience to Hickman cross country team

The Columbia teen will enter her fourth year of competitive running when she joins the Hickman cross country team this fall. She got her start with the Columbia Colts youth track team in 2006.

New GI Bill to cover tuition entirely at participating schools

Columbia College is participating in a new program, which took effect at the beginning of this month, that could cover full tuition for veterans enrolled there. To receive benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program, a veteran must complete 36 months of aggregate active duty.

Police recover stolen vehicle, arrest one

A man was arrested Wednesday following a brief car chase. He was released on bond for driving a stolen vehicle.

Boone County home sales show signs of recovery

For the first time this year, home sales recorded by the Columbia Board of Realtors saw an increase compared to the same month last year. However, each month this year has seen lower new home sales compared to 2008.

Columbia police demonstrate new simulator

Police can use the video-based machine to identify "trigger happy" cops and those too hesitant to use force.