Back to school is a family affair in Columbia

Scott Southwick walks home with his children Linus right, 5, and Polly, 7, at the end of their first day of school on Monday. While Scott was picking up the kids from Lee Elementary School, his wife had started her first day back to classes as a professor at MU.

Because Columbia is home to so many educators, a number of families have parents as well as children returning to school. “During these back-to-school days, our house is an exciting place to be,” said Bill Allen, assistant professor of agricultural journalism at MU.

Suspected Bentley shooter withdraws guilty plea

Boone County Circuit Judge Gene Hamilton on Monday agreed to grant a new trial to a man who pleaded guilty in July to the murder of 22-year-old Nathaniel Bentley.

LETTER: Surveillance cameras are not the answer

City Councilman contends cameras are fine in high-risk public areas but are an invasion of privacy in general public areas.

LETTER: Americans unaware of costs of nationalized health care

The middle-class will bear the brunt of the cost for health care reform, but do these Americans really know what they are getting into?

PHOTO GALLERY: Back to school in Columbia

Students in Columbia Public Schools went back to school on Monday. Do you have a photo you want to share from the first day? E-mail it to us at

Today's Question: Should red light camera tickets result in points on your record?

Two cameras, located at Stadium Boulevard and Worley Street and Providence Road and Broadway, will begin charging drivers a $120 fine and 2-point penalties staring Sept. 3.

LETTER: Correcting some mistakes about Hearnes' legacy

Gov. Warren Hearnes was not the first governor to be re-elected in Missouri. He was the first one re-elected to a second consecutive four year term.

Former MU golfer at U.S. Amateur Championship

Former Missouri golfer Peter Malnati shot a 5-over-par 75 in the first round of the U.S. Amateur Championship on Monday at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

AP Source: Coroner rules Jackson's death homicide

The coroner in the Michael Jackson's premature death concluded that the late pop star died of an overdose from the sedative propofol. Conrad Murray, the doctor who administered the drug, is still at large, but told viewers on a Youtube video that he has faith that the "truth will prevail."

MU enrollment at record high, campus tries to adjust

Even though freshman enrollment declined from 2008, the number of returning sophomores is the largest in MU history.

LETTER: Shame on the community for not supporting 'Pepper & Friends'

A member of the Columbia community protested the cancellation of the show "Pepper & Friends" on KOMU and expressed doubt as to whether the cancellation was truly due to lack of funds.

Missouri-born ambassador 'optimistic' on arrival in Haiti

Missouri native Kenneth Merten, the U.S. ambassador to Haiti, brings a message of hope to the poverty-stricken nation.

Energy of students returns to Stephens College

Wednesday is the first day of classes at Stephens College, but already the campus is returning to life. "I love the close-knit friendships that we make here," Stephens student Jenny Massey-Brown said.

Columbia College welcomes variety of students

Like MU and Columbia Public Schools, Columbia College started classes Monday and welcomed students taking day, night and online classes.

New meth production method leads to increase in arrests

A new "shake-and-bake" system of creating meth using only a two-liter soda bottle, a handful of cold pills and some household chemicals has lead to a significant increase in the number of meth arrests.

Consumers rush to cash in clunkers before Monday deadline

Lots across the country are low on cars but heavy on paperwork Monday as the Cash for Clunker's program ends. Worried that they won't be reimbursed for the rebates, some dealers stopped accepting applications early for the gas-guzzler exchange program.

383-pound eighth-grade athlete's death revives heart testing debate

A 6 feet 2 inch, 383-pound eighth-grade football player collapsed and died while running a lap at the beginning of practice last week, causing some to ask whether children's hearts should be tested before they are allowed to participate in sports.

Today's Question: How can students save money on books?

Paying for college doesn't just stop at tuition— textbooks often cost students hundreds of dollars. However, there are several choices available to save money this semester.

McCaskill attends three health care forums Monday

Sen. Claire McCaskill is hosting forums seeking input on health care reform. She has forums scheduled today in Hannibal, Moberly and Kansas City.

Falling timber industry hits backwoods US hard

According to an AP index, the recession has sent economic stress levels soaring, with the housing slump hitting the timber industry with particular force. The consequences of the downturn are clearly evident in the tiny backwoods town of Pine Hill, Ala., where 327 jobs were lost when a timber mill closed earlier this year.