Otter scat may be the key to counting otters

Rebecca Mowry of MU is extracting DNA from otter scat in an effort to find a new way to get a handle on how many otters there are in Missouri. The question has intrigued biologists with the state Department of Conservation since it reintroduced otters in the early 1980s.

The downside to awesome 3D laser-mapping

Mount Rushmore is set to be digitally preserved by laser-mapping this fall, and the results will be public. It's a good idea that comes with a little drawback: The availability of the nifty 3D-model somewhat devalues visiting the place in the flesh.

Columbia Muslims gather after first day of Ramadan

Columbians met at Islamic Center of Central Missouri to break their fast, pray and listen to Sheik Abou Alhassan Haggag of Cairo, who will recite the entire Quran over the course of the month.

ANALYSIS: Missouri bans wrong plastic from rivers

The state meant to ban Styrofoam coolers. But in substituting a more generic name, the instead banned ordinary plastic kitchen containers.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU welcomes freshmen with annual Tiger Walk

Sunday's Tiger Walk marked the 15th year for the annual tradition for freshmen.

McCaskill receives mixed reactions at health care forum

Sen. Claire McCaskill heard from a mixed audience during the health care forum in Hannibal on Monday. While the audience was mostly polite, there were several people who weren't shy about voicing their opinions.

Oil prices gain to above $74, optimism rises

The benchmark for crude ended the day Friday at $73.89, its highest close since October.

Analysis: Health reform tactics need overhaul

Obama's hands-off approach to health care reform has allowed room for factionalism and confusion to derail the process.

Stocks open higher, but consumer confidence may lag behind

Stocks are higher in early trading Monday, thanks to gains overseas and in some commodity markets such as oil.

Analysis: Mississippians riled at possible change in university's name

Sixteen percent of the students at the Mississippi University for Women aren't. Thus in a bid to increase enrollment and acknowledge male students, school leaders are proposing a name change that seems certain to foster controversy among the institution's passionate alumni.

Missouri regulators to discuss future energy plans

Utility companies have already let Missouri utility regulators know their concerns about possible carbon limits; and now environmentalists, the Department of Natural Resources and consumer advocates are getting the chance to make their own case.


St. Louis County cops crack down on DUIs

As part of the "You Drink and Drive. You Lose" campaign, St. Louis County police plan to step up enforcement of drunk driving offenses through Sept. 7.