Dan Hoch working back to MU starting lineup after injury

Missouri right tackle Dan Hoch rides an exercise bicycle stationed by the Tigers' practice fields while his teammates go through Wednesday's workout. Hoch is rehabbing an injured knee and hopes to be ready to play in time for Missouri's season opener on Sept. 5. "I've been watching quite a bit," Hoch said, "trying to get those mental reps. But being out there with them is what's most important."

After spraining a ligament in his left knee last week, sophomore offensive tackle Dan Hoch is working to regain his starting role as well as the chemistry he's developed with his fellow linemen.

Mayor Darwin Hindman to make re-election announcement Thursday morning

Hindman, who is serving his fifth term as mayor, will reveal his decision at 9 a.m. Thursday at his law office, Hindman & Goldstein, 1203 W. Broadway.

LETTER: Come support a moral vision for health care reform

Members of Rock Bridge Christian Church have scheduled an outdoor candlelight vigil 8 p.m. Saturday at the church. The vigil will act in support of a health care reform.

Remembering Ted Kennedy: The impact the Kennedys left on America

For many baby boomers, Kennedy was a political luminary. Many from that era, and possibly future generations as well, will continue to be inspired by his activism.

U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77

Kennedy was best known as the last surviving son of America's most glamorous political family. He served nearly 50 years in the Senate, alongside 10 presidents.

Reflections on last days of summer

Although the serenity and freedom of summer are coming to an end, students can still look forward to what is yet to come.

WEDNESDAY FOOTBALL NOTEBOOK: Jones hooks teammates on favorite activity

Andrew Jones, a tight end on the Missouri football team, is using fishing as a way to motivate freshman wide receiever T.J. Moe to perform well in practice.

Republicans join Democrats in mourning Kennedy

In the past five decades, Kennedy was often behind the legislation that advanced civil rights, the health and well-being of the American people, the president said.


Ted Kennedy remembered and hailed in TV coverage

News networks cleared their schedules to devote time to remember Sen. Ted Kennedy, who died Wednesday morning from brain cancer.

Kennedy's cancer puts focus on quality of life

The death of the longtime U.S. Senator shines a light on the importance of malignant cancer patients' getting the most out of some of their toughest days.

For some worshipers, a Tweet just can't wait

With Web sites such Twitter and Facebook, sharing songs and sermons doesn't have to wait until after the service. Rabbi Hayim Herring, executive director of a Minnesota-based consulting group, encourages some congregations to consider how the process could "expand their reach."

McCaskill faces hostile town hall crowd in Jefferson City

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill faced a hostile group at a town hall meeting Wednesday night in Jefferson City. The main points she addressed were related to health care.

Residents' cooking causes fire in Columbia duplex

Three students accidentally started a fire while cooking on Wednesday evening.  No one was injured, but the fire caused significant damage, and they were unable to re-enter the duplex that night.

Speculative list of who will replace Kennedy is long

After Sen. Ted Kennedy's death Wednesday morning, the list of possible replacements for his Massachusetts Senate seat is starting to grow.

Hit-and-run victim's car involved in similar incident day before

En route to the police station to discuss a hit-and-run that occurred the night before, a Columbia man was the victim of another.

Tough times continue in Aghanistan

The past summer has been difficult for the United States service members in Aghanistan as death tolls continue to rise and the opposition continues working to deter the people from voting.

Agency that insures bank deposits may need help

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which ensures that you won't lose money if a bank fails, is debating two options that would help the agency replenish its funds.

Carnahan: Missouri lawmakers' admissions is 'sad day'

Two state representatives who admitted to spreading negative campagin material against Rep. Russ Carnahan pleaded guilty to obstruction charges and resigned from office.

St. Louis FBI chief says more corruption cases coming

More public corruption cases will follow Tuesday's guilty pleas and resignations from State Sen. Jeff Smith and Rep. Steve Brown.

Today's question: How effective was the 'cash for clunkers' program?

Car dealerships in Columbia found the program increased car sales — but they also said the rules could be confusing and difficult to navigate.