Missouri religious leaders voice support for health care reform

The Missouri IMPACT Board voiced its support on health care reform in a letter signed by 17 religious leaders. The board called health care a basic human right.

UPDATE: Missouri seeks to relax religious child-care regs

The State Board of Health voted Thursday to repeal rules found to have been contrary to Missouri law. The decision affects 590 license-exempt facilities, the majority of which are run by religious organizations, and changes safety measures required at the child-care centers.

Swine flu rises at U.S. colleges as students return

Colleges made plans to isolate students in preparation for an expected increase in H1N1 cases as students return to campuses.

Ford to add shifts at plants in Michigan, Missouri

The company plans to produce more cars and trucks in the fourth quarter than it did last year, but it also expects to sell fewer vehicles in September than it did in July and August. Ford will not hire new hourly workers, but will move workers from the Kansas City Assembly Plant.

State officials vote to relax religious child care regulations

Almost 600 facilities would be affected by the proposed changes, which must be published for public comment before becoming final.

Beer promotion a headache for some colleges

The "Fan Can" drew criticism because the cans could encourage underage drinking on campuses.

Rock Bridge vs. Hickman girls' tennis postponed

Federal government, NAACP look into MoDOT's stimulus contracts

The Missouri chapter of the NAACP called for the investigation because it believes that the Missouri Department of Transportation was not following federal guidelines involving stimulus funds to maximize involvement of minority and women-owned businesses.