Missouri Restaurant Association offers incentives for September

The Missouri Restaurant Association is initiating a program to stimulate restaurant patronage in Missouri. The first 1,000 people who accumulate $200 in restaurant expenses in September will receive a $25 gift certificate.

Carterville man arrested for driving drunk on mower

The police said the man also had a revoked license and outstanding warrants.

Gov. Nixon to announce tech grants for schools

At 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Gov. Jay Nixon will be announcing more than $4 million in grants for technology in schools. Nixon will make the announcement at the Carnahan High School of the Future in St. Louis.

Washington, Missouri, keeps anti-meth law

The City Council in Washington, Mo., has voted to keep a bill that requires a prescription to purchase pseudoephedrine-based medication. Working in one of the top counties for meth lab busts in the nation, police have praised the law.

Benton and Sikeston both nearing 150 years

Sikeston and Benton will both be turning 150 years old next year. The two Missouri towns have a number of celebrations prepared for the event, including a New Year's Eve ball in Sikeston and a Founder's Day celebration in Benton in April.

Rural hospital faces tough decisions with federal demand of electronic records

Rural hospitals such as Sac-Osage Hospital in Osceola find themselves gambling when it comes to meeting federal demands to replace paper records with electronic ones. Although electronic systems can make an institution more efficient, the initial costs can be too much for smaller hospitals to handle.

Fire damages home of broadcaster Jack Buck's widow

A fire damaged the home of the widow of late Cardinals broadcaster, Jack Buck, on Tuesday, but she escaped unharmed.

Man charged with DUI for lawnmower beer run

An Illinois man was arrested on charges of felony aggravated driving under the influence for driving a lawnmower to a gas station for more beer.

Illinois prep football players' injuries draw lawsuit

East St. Louis football coach Darren Sunkett and the district are being sued by the mother of a student-athlete who claims the coach and the school placed winning over the health of the student-athletes.

Man Tasered in Columbia alley

Columbia police Public Information Officer Jessie Haden commented Monday morning on the use of a Taser on a Columbia man arrested on suspicion of public urination and resisting arrest behind a downtown restaurant on Saturday night.

BOONE LIFE: In the summer, James ‘Trey’ Aldridge III becomes a hot-dog man

James "Trey" Aldridge III spends the summer selling — and smelling like — hot dogs.

Power wheelchair soccer a boost for former athlete

After a car accident put him in a two-week coma and left him paralyzed from just below the chest down, Chad Kocina came to Columbia to start over. Kocina, who played football in high school, learned about the Driving Force power wheelchair soccer club from his caseworker at Rusk Rehabilitation Center.

Pickleball makes Show-Me State Games debut

Pickleball, "America's fastest growing sport" according to the USA Pickleball Association's Web site, made its Show-Me State Games debut last weekend at New Haven Elementary School.

Authorities to take new look at old Missouri murder

Mark Woodworth is serving a life sentence for the murder of Cathy Robertson in 1990. A five-month examination by The Associated Press found that some evidence pointing to other suspects was discounted or not fully explored by investigators.

Driver inattention caused fatal Oklahoma crash, investigators said

The June 26 accident is still under criminal investigation. The inquiry indicates that the truck driver, who crashed into a line of stopped cars, made no attmpt to brake or take evasive action before the crash.

Kansas officials worry about Guantanamo reports

Opposition to transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Kansas is  based on safety and security, not xenophobic fear of foreign prisoners, says Gov. Mark Parkinson. 

UPDATE: Kenya crash injures Missouri filmmakers, kills pilot

St. Louis-area filmmakers are being treated for burns and other injuries after surviving a plane crash in Kenya that killed the pilot and seriously injured another passenger.

US official: Clunker car deals could end by Friday

The administration pressed hard for an additional $2 billion after noticing over the weekend that the "cash for clunkers" program, which offers $4,500 rebates to customers who trade in gas guzzling vehicles, is set to expire as early as this week unless the Senate acts. The House approved the money by a nearly 3-to-1 margin on Friday before recessing for the month of August.

The news needs novelty

A liger-driven story that recently graced the Missourian's home page might not have been hard news, but it did allow readers to meet one of their most pressing needs: getting a daily dose of novelty. 

Kenya plane crash kills pilot, injures Missouri filmmakers

The filmmakers are being treated for burns and injuries after the crash on Saturday in Nairobi.