Columbia College volleyball team strives to speak language of success

Columbia College senior Maria Omondi tips the ball over the net while her teammate Paula Ferreira watches during a match Friday against the Savannah College of Art and Design. Omondi, from Kenya, and Ferreira, from Brazil, are two of the players that make up a diverse Cougars team.

With players from Kenya, Egypt, Brazil and Canada, the Cougars are learning to communicate in order to maintain the program's winning tradition.

Ressel doesn't miss a kick in debut as Missouri starter

Grant Ressel made three field goals in his first game replacing Jeff Wolfert.

Mexico, Mo., woman dedicates time to writing books

After her husband's death, Phyllis J. Hornbeck decided to write her first book based on her life experiences.

Missouri soccer falls to Long Beach State

Cougars roll past Robert Morris in soccer

Missouri mens golf leads going into final round

No timetable for Bradford's return

Oklahoma is left to explore alternative plans.

Appeals court rules against Ashcroft in 9/11 case

If the case allowing wrongfully-detained people to sue John Ashcroft goes back to a lower court, the government might have to release documents it previously stated were highly confidential and could be a threat to national security.

Cherry Street Artisan closes, awaits makeover

The Cherry Street Artisan, a cafe and meeting place in downtown Columbia, closed Aug. 31. Owner Laurie McAllisters said she plans to reopen under the name the Undeground Café sometime after Labor Day.

Some Midwest Catholic leaders question government health care

A joint letter from Kansas and Missouri Bishops says church teaching doesn't suggest socialization of medical services.

Shock and caw: Pesky starlings still overwhelm

Starlings have become one of the most common birds in the U.S., leading states and airports to find ways to reduce the population.

Missing Illinois boy, 7, found alive at grandma's house

A missing Illinois boy, 7, was found hiding with his mother in a small, secret room at his grandmother's house after a two-year search, investigators said. 

Fallout from nuclear tests leads to Hawaii health crisis

Legal immigrants from countries where the U.S. tested nuclear bombs are in danger of being deniedhealth care in Hawaii. They face higher rates of various types of cancer and diabetes caused by fast foods and processed meats brought by the U.S.

AP: Layoffs toughest on young, older workers

Younger people in the work force have seen the unemployment rate for their age group rise to 10 percent, while the unemployment rate for older workers is at an all-time high of 7 percent.

Lawmakers gear up for late Sen. Kennedy successor hearing

Lawmakers are preparing for a public hearing to decide whether Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick can appoint an interim senator to serve in late U.S. Sen. Kennedy's seat until a special election can be held.

US military deaths in Afghanistan region reach 738

The latest department of defense figures show that since 2001, 738 members of the U.S. military have died in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Progress at Ground Zero rebuilding remains limited

Little progress has been made since the design for rebuilding the area of the World Trade Center was unveilded 6 1/2 years ago. It may take several decades to complete the project.

About 2,000 turn out for parade for California kidnap victim

Former classmates and teachers joined parade for California kidnapping victim Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was found 18 years after her disappearance.

Leipheimer set to return for Tour of Missouri

Levi Leipheimer, a Tour de France veteran who crashed and broke his wrist, plans to return to the wheel during the third Tour of Missouri. The Missouri race is among the top five cycling events outside of Europe.

Bottom line on public insurance plan gets blurry

White House officials continue to express support for goverment health insurance option but decline to say whether it's essential.