MU dining hall will begin $2.2M renovation in December

Rollins Dining Hall will close at the conclusion of the semester and is expected to reopen in the fall of 2010. But students, don't worry: Eva J's will pick up pizza-to-go.

Missouri family finds 1927 film of St. Joseph picnic

The 1927 film was in excellent condition, considering its age, and has been restored and put on DVD. It was discovered in a house previously belonging to a family of Russian immigrants.

St. Louis school built to be energy efficient

A St. Louis area private school has opened a new eco-friendly building, which has received a high rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Conservatives, not Obama, indoctrinate the American public

As Obama prepares to give a back-to-school speech aimed at children, conservatives accuse the president of "indoctrinating" America's youth.

Reroute of Deer Run Trail begins

The rerouting of Deer Run Trail at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is under way and will be discussed in a public meeting Tuesday. Columbia residents previously voiced concern over erosion problems and the close proximity of houses on the trail.

ANALYSIS: More wrangling could doom health care

Declining support for health care reform and heated town hall meetings will shape what, if any, plan passes Congress this year.

Research of 1980s recession shows white men took salary hit

A past recession hurt the salary arc of those graduating in a down economy, researchers found.

Couple meets, falls in love 50 years later

A Kansas couple will marry next month after 50 years apart and the death of their spouses.

Man shot by Joplin police officer dies

A police officer was trying to detain 34-year-old David Bogard on suspicion of driving while intoxicated when Bogard used mace on the officer then fled. Bogard died Sunday night after being shot.

Duo unharmed after plane crashes into Higginsille Lake

The airport manager said the plan lost power after take off. The two passengers survived the crash landing into Higginsville Lake.


Obama to students: Study hard, future depends on it

In an address to be broadcast to schools across the country, President Barack Obama will tell students that the future of the country rests on their young shoulders. According to remarks posted online Monday, the president will ask children to work hard and to never give up on school. Fearing a hidden political agenda, some groups and school districts have chosen to boycott the speech.

77-year-old runner still hasn't hit the wall

Jerry Smartt of Warsaw is the fastest man in the world of his age, after competing in the World Masters Track and Field Championship in Lahti, Finland. The runners who beat him at the competition were younger.

The man who made the marathon

The almost 200 participants who are expected to run on Sept. 7 in the 2009 Heart of America Marathon, which is celebrating its golden anniversary this year, is a vast improvement from the four who competed with Schroeder in the inaugural marathon.

Rising Katy Trail traffic boosts trailside businesses

A rebound in Katy traffic has boosted trailside businesses in St. Charles County as the bike shops, taverns and wineries that cater to the tens of thousands who cycle the Katy Trail near St. Louis report that business has been strong this year. Some point to the recession as the reason for the traffic increase, saying that more people are choosing affordable, local recreation over spendy long-distance travel.