Columbia City Council approves Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ agreement

The Columbia City Council approved the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ operating agreement on Tuesday that includes a $15,000 contribution to pay for the barbecue contest.

New facility planned for MU gymnastics and spirit group Golden Girls

Sub-standard facilities have made practice and recruitment for Missouri's gymnastics team difficult.

Civility lacking on the right during Obama's speech

The absence of courtesy during Obama's speech made it evident that the Democrats will not have any Republican support for health care reform.

10 things you didn't know about Bowling Green

LETTER: Documents tell whole story of Albert-Oakland Park

George Kennedy's column on Paul Albert did not present all the facts. The Albert family asks that he present the documents he was given to supply all sides of the story.

MU researcher monitoring Hinkson Creek

MU researcher Jason Hubbart is studying the ways Columbia's urban sprawl is affecting the Hinkson Watershed and what can be done to protect its future. His goal is to get the creek removed from the impaired stream list.

Former leader's withdrawal changes complexion of Tour of Missouri

Just hours before the fourth stage began, Team Columbia-HTC announced the withdrawal of former leader Mark Cavendish from the competition.

Jefferson City beats Hickman volleyball team

After coming back to win the second game, the Kewpies couldn't hold on and lost to visiting Jefferson City.

Today's Question: Did the uproar over Obama’s speech obscure its message?

 The message of President Barack Obama's Tuesday address to American school children was straightforward; the controversy surrounding it was not. Was the president's call for hard work and goal-setting crushed under an avalanche of politicized commentary, or did the speech's target audience, students, come away with the right idea?

Sept. 11 should remind us that freedom isn't free

We fight terrorism by properly funding K-12 and post-secondary public education, by providing affordable health care to all, by developing renewable energy rather than new oil fields, by providing jobs to all who are able and willing to work and by protecting those who cannot care for themselves.

Home care union advocates seek support

Former Missouri Sen. Chuck Graham is fighting in favor of home care unions.  Integrity Home Care filed a lawsuit to stop the unionization of home-care workers.

Pilot project to make Wi-Fi avaliable on some Columbia buses

The Columbia City Council is experimenting with putting Wi-Fi on some city buses in order to determine whether putting Wi-Fi on all of the city buses is worthwhile. The number of times Wi-Fi is used on buses will be kept track of and presented to the council in six months.

Missouri uninsured rates on the rise, still below national averages

The number of Missouri residents without health insurance rose in 2008, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures.

16 injured after church van overturns in southwest Missouri

Excessive speed and wet conditions may have contributed to the crash, according to Hollister police.

50 years and counting at McDonalds for Crestwood man

Leonard Rhomberg began working at Missouri's first McDonalds the year after it opened.

Widow of soldier dies in car crash

The widow of a young soldier who died during basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in April is dead after a car crash. She is survived by their son.

Old St. Francois County jail now open for guests

The inn, on the TransAmerica Trail bicycle route, has 14 bunk beds in three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.

Missouri Water Patrol reports decline in drownings for 2009

The patrol reported 23 drownings so far this year, compared with 42 at the same point in each of the past two years.

Man gets 3 years for vandalizing Cape Girardeau Islamic Center

Nicholas T. Proffit, 32, was sentenced on two counts of property damage under Missouri's hate crimes law.

Monsanto plans deeper staff cuts

Monsanto plans to cut staff by 8 percent, double than what it said it would cut in June.