Football stadium renovations hot topic at Alden Q&A

Missouri Director of Athletics Mike Alden addressed various topics Wednesday during a Q&A session at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

MU Director of Athletics Mike Alden answered a wide variety of questions Wednesday night at an event sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. The open forum included talk of potential renovations to Memorial Stadium.

LETTER: Coal generation is destructive to the environment

Fortunately, we can eliminate coal and continue to power the country. MU is already accomplishing great things to phase out coal and lead the way into the clean energy future responsibly, but it should strive to be a national leader.

Got a secret? Not on the Internet

In the era of the Internet, secrets are no longer secret. Numerous websites have emerged allowing people to submit their most private thoughts. But what is the appeal of anonymous secret-telling?

News biases make good business but bad journalism

The confusion of journalism with commentary has caused some to distrust journalism.

Wyoming's losses test former MU coordinator Christensen's patience

Dave Christensen, in his first year as head coach at Wyoming, is upset with an 0-2 start.

Missouri volleyball takes down UMKC

Rock Bridge girls golf places first at invitational

Victim identified in Callaway County crash

A pilot died in Tuesday's crash on his way home to Alaska by way of Kansas.

Musician T.J. Wheeler teaches the blues to Grant students

T.J. Wheeler visited Grant Elementary students this week for the third year, as a part of his international Hope, Heroes and the Blues program. A group of students will perform with him at the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival.

Democrats trying to sell health plan to seniors, AARP

In an effort to attract seniors to the idea of a health care reform, Democrats are prodding AARP to support their cause.

State Sen. Stouffer launches challenge to Skelton for Congress

The Republican from Napton says veteran Rep. Ike Skelton has recently become more liberal, belying his reputation as a conservative Democrat.

UPDATE: Voluntary Action Center runs out of free festival tickets

The center distributed the remaining 244 tickets it had in a morning rush of people who asked for them.

Plane crash in Callaway County

A plane crashed near Millersburg on Tuesday, killing the pilot. No one else was on board.

Columbia trails will receive federal funding

Two major Columbia trail projects will receive previously allocated federal funds, MoDOT assured GetAbout Columbia on Tuesday.

VIDEO: Hear the bands that will perform at Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival

Tickets bought in advance are $10 for a one-day pass and $15 for a weekend pass. Tickets bought during the show will cost $15 for a one-day pass and $25 for a weekend pass.

Voluntary Action Center distributes free Roots 'N' Blues tickets

The Voluntary Action Center received the tickets from the city as partial compensation from festival organizer Thumper Entertainment for providing security and cleaning services. They have given away 110 tickets of the 354 they received.

Today's Question: What excites you about Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ this year?

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ has become a staple of Columbia. Residents and visitors look forward to this time of the year. Starting this year, there's new addition to the event: admission.

St. Louis man with HIV charged over sexual contact

Orlando Hadley, 40 of St. Louis county, is facing charges for six counts of recklessly risking infection of another with HIV.

St. Louis-area 13-year-old died of high blood pressure, medical examiner says

The teenager, who weighed 383 pounds, collapsed and died during football practice in August.

Motorcyclist killed in chase by Independence police

The motorcyclist ran a stop sign and was hit by a truck. Police said they were trying to stop him for a traffic violation.