Missouri volleyball player aces home match

Junior outside hitter Julianna Klein serves the ball to the Buffaloes on Wednesday at Hearnes Center. Klein served a career-high eight aces in the Tigers' win.

Junior outside hitter Julianna Klein had five aces in the first game, propelling the Missouri volleyball team to a four-set victory over Colorado.

Rain threat prompts flood watch

Heavy rain is expected from Thursday morning through Friday morning. The National Weather Service said 2 to 4 inches of rain should be expected Thursday and Thursday night.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Catholic principles should be applied to health care reform

With Catholic hospitals providing such a large percentage of medical care, the voice of the Catholic Church should be heard in the health care debate.

Ground beef regulation sickening, in need of reform

An investigation done by a reporter for The New York Times shows that testing for E. coli can be lax — and little is being done about it.

Hickman softball loses at district tournament

The Hickman softball team's season ended Wednesday after a 1-0 loss to Camdenton at the district tournament.

Hickman queen candidates host annual charity fair

Homecoming queen candidates at Hickman back charities at a fair in the commons.

AP Poll: Third of parents oppose H1N1 vaccine

The AP poll found that 38 percent of parents said they were unlikely to give permission for their kids to be vaccinated at school. The reasons for not vaccinating include concerns for side effects of the vaccine and that H1N1 is not a greater health risk than the seasonal flu.

Missouri to sell $300 million in highway bonds in late October

Now that state officials have approved the final piece of financing for a voter-authorized $2 billion road plan, the state will sell $300 in bonds on Oct. 27 to 28.

Today's question: Does the UM System have its priorities right with salaries?

MU faculty salaries lag well behind most of its peers, yet MU Chancellor Brady Deaton says he can't control wage increases. Instead, the $4 millon MU earned from increased enrollment will be directed toward a program aimed to keep MU competitive in its areas of strength.

Missouri horticulturist's reputation grows alongside thousands of diverse edible plants

A Kansas City-area gardener's 12-acre edible landscape has catapulted him to the cutting edge of American gardening and onto the cover of the American Horticultural Society's magazine.

Monsanto's fourth quarter loss widens, adjusted earnings beats estimates

A drop in sales of Roundup herbicide widens Monsanto Co.'s fourth-quarter loss of $233 million, or 43 cents per share. When one-time items are excluded, Monsanto earned 2 cents per share, beating Wall Street estimates of 1 cent per share.

Nebraska spokesman assumes Pelini flu tweet a joke

Pelini tweeted he was going to miss Thursday's game at Missouri because of the flu. The tweet is assumed to be making a joke of rumors that a flu bug was spreading through the team.

Truman Capote musical makes its debut in Missouri

"The Grass Harp," a musical based on a novella by Truman Capote, will be playing at the Rhynsburger Theatre beginning Wednesday night. The musical's previous failures have not stopped its production at MU.

Missouri regulators say they helped customers save on utility bills

Missouri utility regulators said they have helped customers save more than $383,000 over the past year and $700,000 over the past two years.

Attendance at state fair up 8 percent from last year

Fair officials say final figures show 337,851 people attended the 11-day fair this year, which is about 27,000 more than in 2008.

What you need to know for MU-Nebraska parking

MU's unusual Thursday evening game against Nebraska will mean a lot of extra traffic around campus. Those who drive or park near Memorial Stadium are asked to be patient and follow some simple guidelines.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia deserves the best in city government

Kurt Albert, a Columbia resident, explains the need for a city ordinance that would stop staff deception in the local government.

Planning restarts for Bonnie View Park

Three alternative plans for developing the Russell property in western Columbia were created in 2003, but the extension of Rollins Road has park planners revisiting the challenge.

The North Face takes on The South Butt in legal battle

Jimmy Winkelmann has created a business named The South Butt, which The North Face claims infringes on its copyright. Winkelmann says it is intended to mock people who wear brand names.

Nominations being accepted for 13th annual Columbia Values Diversity Awards

Nominees should support individual dignity, racial equality and solving problems through nonviolence. The deadline for nominations is Nov. 27.