Comedor Popular making headway

Eduardo Crespi, director of El Centro Latino, is planning to open an eatery featuring a vegan menu in an effort to curb the growing trend of obesity. The diner would also offer fresh produce for sale and cooking classes.

Comedor Popular is a Centro Latino initiative aimed at fighting the obesity epidemic by establishing a plant-based eatery, cooking classes, wellness and obesity prevention programs and a retail shop selling fresh produce.

Why'd Nixon hire Internet consultant? Because Missouri needs his help

Why did Nixon hire a consultant to secure stimulus funds for rural Internet? Because there's a clear need for expanded broadband access in Missouri, and the consultant's proven he can get the job done.

Petition for downtown cameras nears signature goal

 A petition begun by Karen Taylor, whose son was viciously beaten in a parking garage in June, would authorize police to install cameras downtown, but funding is still subject to the approval of the Columbia City Council.

Flu shuts down 4 Jefferson County schools

The Jefferson County R-VII district has temporarily closed its schools because of the flu. It is not yet known if the flu is the H1N1 strain.

Pregame Playmakers: The hard work and rewards of being in Marching Mizzou

This is the second video in a six-part series that goes behind the team, to take a look at the faces and organizations that make MU game days happen.

MU graduate's hat designs a hit in New York

Jennifer Ouellette, MU alumna and hat designer in New York, made a visit to MU on Monday to speak about her career. She graduated from the textile and apparel management department of MU in 1994. This month marks the 14th anniversary of her company's kickoff.

Car accident on Stadium Boulevard leaves one injured

The accident occurred at 11:54 a.m. Monday at Stadium Boulevard and Maryland Avenue and was completely cleared by 2 p.m, according to the MU Police Department.

Today's Question: Should President Obama have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize has traditionally been awarded for the winner’s accomplishments, though in this case it seemed to be based more on President Obama’s potential to influence world events. He took office 12 days before the Nobel committee's nomination deadline in February.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions increases job fears in Rust Belt

In places where agriculture and manufacturing are the business engines, the government's effort to curb climate-changing pollution is viewed widely through an economic prism: Will it increase energy costs and drive businesses and jobs overseas to countries such as China that may not commit to similar controls on fossil energy?

Springfield man charged with murder after three found dead

Josh Reyes, 23, of Springfield was charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, 25-year-old Zachary Bryan Porter of Elkland. Police also believe Reyes is connected to the deaths of the woman's parents, 51-year-old Jeffery L. Smith and 48-year-old Glenda Smith.

Record yields projected for state's crops

The federal Agricultural Statistics office is projecting record yields for the state's rice farmers and cotton producers.

Nixon declares this week Earth Science Week

Gov. Jay Nixon declared this week Earth Science Week to remind the public that earth sciences are important to health, safety and welfare.

MU theater troupe looks at affirmative action

"Identity Politics," a new script for one of MU's two interactive theater groups, tries to air out the various perspectives on affirmative action and how to talk about them.

Mizzou Hot Dog celebrates its one-year anniversary

Tim and Beth Mallory have run the hot dog stand found outside Quinton's and Field House since late September of last year. The stand has found a home as one of the favorite after-bar eateries in downtown.

Accent Modification Program helps students with speaking skills

A program that helps visiting scholars improve their English speaking skills is more popular than ever. “I think most of them just come in wanting to be able to communicate with American English speakers as well as they can," graduate student Sara Sieker said.

Frivolous distractions prevent us from solving real issues

We're easily distracted and because of this, many opportunities to create change have passed by.

School board to vote on buying property

The district is expected to consider purchasing a 60,275 foot property off of Paris road. Purchasing the property would allow the district to house its own storage and have building services operate from a central location.

City council members visit MKT Trail bridges recommended to be replaced

City Council members went on a tour to see the problems with the two bridges the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department recommended be replaced. The department has received a bid to replace the bridges but the city council has not authorized acceptance yet.

Horses used therapeutically for cancer survivors

The MU School of Nursing and the Mid-Missouri Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure sponsored a demonstration of horse therapy, which is the first of a five-part lecture series.

Missouri boy's dream church built in memory of him

Mackintyre McDill-Garton's ideal church was built and dedicated on land between Lathrop, Holt and Plattsburg. Nine year-old Mackintyre died in September 2008 from a brain aneurysm.