Analysis: Missouri ethanol mandate automatically enforced by elementary economics

Missouri's law requiring gas stations to purchase fuel with 10 percent ethanol content, as long as it's cheaper than regular gasoline, has rarely been violated since it went into effect in January 2008. That's probably because it makes little economic sense to buy more expensive fuel, mandate or not.

Analysis: Partisan slander moving at the speed of light

Columnist Steven R. Hurst sees today's politics as a breeding ground of hate speech, filling up the airwaves of cable television and the Internet.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia Peace Coalition holds Afganistan peace rally

The Columbia Peace Coalition sponsored a rally marking the eighth anniversary of the Afghanistan war. Around 30 people attended the gathering, which was intended to draw attention to people's dissatisfaction with the war.

Police: St. Louis mom, child die in murder-suicide

A violent night in St. Louis ended with five people dead from four separate incidents. Two others were shot but are in stable condition.

Missouri reports 8,500 school jobs saved, created by stimulus

Data from the most thorough analysis of government spending is to be released this week, showing thousands of teachers' jobs created or saved. Preliminary information released by a handful of states showed teachers benefited the most from early spending.

Rabies cases spike in Missouri

State health officials issued a warning to residents to vaccinate pets against rabies, following a rise in confirmed cases.

Gov. Nixon calls for changing DWI laws by spring

The governor responded Monday to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story assailing the judicial process for DWI offenders.

Missouri football player wanted rematch against Bryant

The Cowboys beat Texas A&M Saturday without Dez Bryant, who was declared ineligible by the NCAA last week.