'Knock Out King' participant Williams doesn't deserve 12-year sentence

Charles Williams III will be sentenced Friday. The jury that convicted him of second-degree robbery suggested 12 years, but Judge Kevin Crane can and should send the teen to jail for a shorter period of time. When you remove emotion from the equation, it becomes clear that the suggested punishment doesn't fit Williams' crime.

Columbia hospitals taking steps to stop spread of H1N1 virus

Columbia hospitals are encouraging health care workers to get the H1N1 vaccine. Other states are turning away visitors in hopes it will help limit the spread of the virus. No changes in visitation policies are being considered at Columbia hospitals.

Group asks FSA to suspend loans to specialized facilities

Thousands of people signed a letter that was sent to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, requesting that the Farm Service Agency stop giving loans to facilities aimed for use on factory farms because of the promotion of overproduction, which they say leads to less profit for pork farmers.

Missouri basketball players choose sides

UM System President Gary Forsee and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon picked teams Tuesday for Friday's Black & Gold men's basketball scrimmage.

Texas quarterback looks for more success

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy says he is past early season ailments that have frustrated him at times, despite leading the Longhorns to a 6-0 record.

Sylvan Learning Center reopens in Columbia

After shutting down for financial reasons last May, the Sylvan Learning Center has reopened under new ownership in Columbia. It's new location is at the Broadway Shops on East Broadway Boulevard.

Legislators hear about open enrollment

Open enrollment allows students to attend schools outside the district in which they reside. It is not allowed in Missouri in most instances. Legislators heard from witnesses about the possible pros and cons of such legislation.