LETTER: Advocates can help prevent child abuse in Missouri

With the help of volunteers and advocates, Missourians can reduce the number of deaths caused by child abuse and neglect.

The Beat: Columbia Regional Airport's master plan for the future

Columbia Missourian Public Life editor Scott Swafford and reporter Chris Canipe joined Eric Durban on KBIA's "The Beat" to discuss the airport plan.

Columbia College's basketball teams earn preseason ranks

The Cougars' women's team was named No. 14, while the men's team is ranked No. 19.

Beginnings: Japanese couple searches for Fire-King glassware

Kiwamu Tanaka and his wife, Yuki, spend their time in antique shops hunting for Fire-King glassware to add to their collection.

Ampudia earns Big 12 honors for Missouri volleyball team

For the first time in more than two years, a Tigers volleyball player was named Big 12 Volleyball Player of the Week

Police: Man, 47, buys cookie, steals Subway cash register

Columbia Police arrested Stirling J. Harris on Monday on suspicion of stealing a cash register from the Subway restaurant at 2716 Paris Road. Police also anticipate charges of resisting arrest and other traffic violations.

Tests show soil recontamination near eastern Missouri lead smelter

EPA tests have shown that a lead smelter in Herculaneum has contaminated soil on properties in the city.

Report: Missouri public defender system in 'crisis'

A George Mason University study showed that Missouri's public defender system is underfunded and overwhelmed with cases. Missouri ranks 49 out of 50 states in per-capita spending on indigent defense.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission urges AmerenUE, other nuclear plants to switch to broadband Internet

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission sent a memo to AmerenUE and other nuclear plants  encouraging them to replace their dial-up Internet connections with broadband. AmerenUE spokesman Tim Fox said the current system works well.

Red-light cameras bring green to St. Louis

After being operational for almost two and a half years, red light cameras have yielded St. Louis almost $10 million in fines with a net gain of $6.8 million.

Online auction planned for K.C. suspect in abortion doctor's killing

Abortion-rights opponents are planning to auction anti-abortion items on eBay and other Web sites to raise money to obtain a lawyer for Scott Roeder of Kansas City, who is charged with first-degree murder for killing Wichita, Kan., abortion doctor George Tiller.

Prosecutor drops flag desecration charges, cites Supreme Court ruling

The Cape Girardeau County prosecutor said he discovered a Supreme Court ruling that invalidates existing state flag desecration laws.

State representative apologizes for DWI arrest

State Rep. Tim Meadows, D-Imperial, issued a statement apologizing for Saturday's arrest for suspicion of drunken driving in Imperial.

Halloween events for Columbia adults and children

Columbia celebrates Halloween in more ways than traditional trick-or-treating. Explore beyond your normal neighborhood walk to find other ways to celebrate the holiday weekend.

Charter school operator under fire from the Post-Dispatch

Dennis Bakke, CEO of the national charter school operator Imagine Schools, told employees to select school board members who would "go along with Imagine" and obtain undated letters of resignation from school board members in a September 2008 e-mail obtained by the St. Louis newspaper.

Living with juvenile arthritis: a lifetime balancing act

It's known as a disease that affects older adults, but arthritis also affects thousands of young people, including some in Columbia.

Knitting stitches Columbia residents together

Local residents gather to knit — and to make friends and conversation. More then 10 knitting groups meet weekly in Columbia.


Missouri couple builds family through adoption

Tom and Debra Ritter certainly have  a lot of love to give. Since 1995 they have adopted 22 kids  from every  nook, no matter how dark.

Online predators turn to Facebook

In the past year, identity theft has turned to a new medium: social networking sites. The impostors hack into Facebook accounts and contact “friends," saying the person is apparently stuck overseas and in need of money.

Why it's hard to love Twitter

Editor Evan Smith last week told students at MU about his Twitter conversion: He went from "hater to a zealot." I would love to follow his lead, but Twitter, for all its good points, is still hard to love.