Paxton Keeley responds to candy snorting phenomenon

Fifth-graders at Paxton Keeley Elementary School have been crushing up Smarties and inhaling the powder, likely mimicking YouTube how-to videos.

Missouri men's swimmers third at invitational

The Missouri men's swimming and diving team placed third in the Southwest College Invite on Saturday.

UPDATE: Ford workers in Missouri, Michigan reject changes

Ford Motor Co. and United Auto Workers are having difficulty convincing some workers to accept contract changes. Opponents say Ford does not need further labor concessions.

Warrant served on slain Missouri 9-year-old's neighbor

Authorities seek a first-degree murder charge against a 15-year-old neighbor of the deceased Elizabeth Olten.

Missouri autoworkers reject Ford contract changes

Ninety-two percent of autoworkers at the Ford assembly plant in Kansas City voted against a change to their contract. Among the changes suggested were a cap on entry-level wages, different work rules and a no-strike provision.

Wheelchair dancing provides life lessons to Kansas City group

The wheelchair-bound glide gracefully across the floor to waltzes and sambas at a Kansas City dance studio.

Global food security summit to tackle climate and population issues

Perry Gustafson, an MU adjunct professor, is heading up the gathering of plant scientists in St. Louis.

Washington, Missouri sees anti-meth law working

Comparisons of the 90-day periods before and after a Washington, Missouri, law making pseudoephedrine available for purchase by prescription only went into effect show that the city saw an almost 93 percent decrease in sales of boxes of medicine containing the key meth precursor.


Today's Question: What would be an appropriate sentence for Charles Williams III?

Last week a Boone County judge threw out the initial sentencing of a Columbia teen convicted of second-degree robbery, citing an error made by the prosecution in its closing argument. What should the jury recommend in his new trial for sentencing?