UPDATE: Sixth arrest announced in Missouri child sex case

Authorities say they have identified additional victims and arrested a sixth adult in a child sex abuse case in western Missouri.

UPDATE 5: Suspects' family members call child sex abuse claims 'repulsive'

The five suspects did not enter pleas during their first court appearance Thursday.

COLUMN: Effort to ban Tasers not likely to pass

The anti-Taser coalition is split as to what to do about the weapon, and being shocked sounds better to me than being clubbed.

The Beat: Tweeting breaking news

Columbia Missourian reporters Elliot Njus and James Patrick Schmidt joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss the process behind the tweets.

Bus ridership exceeded 2 million in last fiscal year

More student passengers and more aggressive advertising probably contributed to the increase, a Public Works Department spokeswoman said.

The Beat: Looking at Missouri grade school standards

Columbia Missourian reporter Michelle Hagopian joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss the latest findings.

Lead bullets leave fragments in venison

Lead is often found in venison when hunters use lead bullets to kill the deer.  The lead does not pose a serious medical risk to those who eat the venison; however, pregnant women and young children are sensitive to lead exposure.

The science of lead bullets and deer hunting

Of 30 white-tailed deer carcasses examined, ground meat from 80 percent of the deer contained bullet fragments. Pigs that ate some of the meat showed elevated lead concentrations in their blood.

Firearms season for deer opens Saturday

The regular firearms season runs through Nov. 24, and antler-point restrictions remain in effect for Boone County.

Columbia schools superintendent addresses need for a new elementary school

The Columbia schools superintendent says it's important to address the possibility of adding an additional elementary school because of expected growth and to reduce the number of mobile classrooms, which was a priority of an earlier School Board.

Venison quality depends on hunters, processors

Prolonged exposure to warm temperatures, along with whether the deer is properly field dressed by a hunter, can affect the quality of meat.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Students suffer from having online program pulled

If you want your voice heard, participate

You have a voice. It's time to start using it and participate before you hear about a new law passed and signed by the governor.

Forest near Woodridge neighborhood targeted for retirement home changing hands

Woodridge residents are trying to persuade the new owners of 11 acres of Berrywood Forest to relocate so they can save their "little forest."

LETTER: Luetkemeyer should've voted for health care reform

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer did not support House Resolution 3962. He should listen more to his constituents rather than the insurance industry.

Missouri uses rigorous education standards when compared nationally, study says

A study that compares state standards in academic proficiency found that Missouri uses some of the most rigorous standards for reading and math in the United States to measure proficiency of its students.

One in 50 million: Small business employee 'scared to death' without health insurance

Since she was 18, Lindsey Cathey has been without health insurance and lives with the fear that she will get sick. Her mother, Laura Cathey, is from Canada, but now lives in the U.S. She misses her "excellent" health care up north and is now in the same boat as 50 million Americans.

Final match victory lifts Tiger wrestling team in opener

Senior and two-time All-American Nick Marable won a 3-2 decision at 165 pounds to give the Missouri wrestling team a victory over Illinois in its season-opener.

Columbia College volleyball team advances to AMC finals

Columbia College swept Missouri Baptist in the semifinals of the American Midwest Conference Volleyball Tournament on Thursday night at Southwell Complex.

Film festival to showcase Peace Corps volunteers' stories

The Central Missouri Returned Peace Corps Volunteers is bringing its members' experiences to the big screen with the fourth annual Third Goal International Film Festival on Saturday. Speakers' panels and discussions with local returned volunteers will follow the screening of four documentaries.