Evangelist Oral Roberts leaves a complex legacy

Pentecostal televangelist and university founder Oral Roberts died Tuesday at age 91, but not before helping lead his denomination from obscurity to worldwide prominence.

State health insurance pool premiums too high for neediest uninsured

About 3,700 people were enrolled at the end of November in the pool, which covers people who can't get insurance from the private sector.

Missouri levies no extra penalty for ex-casino chief

The Missouri Gaming Commission investigated and decided Wednesday not to take disciplinary action Dan Lee after he allegedly issued a political threat.

Kansas City Star: Human trafficking victims are too often deported

A Kansas City Star report found that one-fourth of human trafficking victims were deported before given the chance to testify against their traffickers.

Missouri House leader: Stop free meals, gifts from lobbyists

Missouri House Majority leader plans to file legislation what will prevent lobbyists from giving him and his coworkers gifts and meals, and will introduce other buffers between legislators and lobbyist

Missouri tax commission raises value for best farmland

The Missouri State Tax Commission approved a decision to increase property taxes on the best farmlands, basing the decision on new "productive values" for agricultural land.

Nixon: Give tens of millions of tax dollars to biotech

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said Tuesday he supports a proposal to redirect tens of millions of biotech-related tax dollars back into the biotech industry.

Expansion of St. Louis Art Museum gets go-ahead

After a 13 month delay because of the troubles with the economy, the St. Louis Art Museum will begin work immediately on the expansion that has been planned for more than a decade.

Missouri offers tax breaks to food pantry donors

According to a 2007 law, people and businesses who donate food or money to Missouri food banks can claim a tax credit for half the donation up to gifts worth $5,000.

Southern Missouri city gets federal funds for wastewater projects

The southern Missouri city, Thayer, has won a $2.1 million grant and a $2.1 million loan for wastewater improvements.

Boone County anticipates earthquakes, other natural disasters

Representatives of Boone County and the cities within met Tuesday to review an update of the Boone County Hazard Mitigation Plan — a document that takes inventory of natural disaster scenarios that could affect Boone County, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and winter storms.

Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, dies

Roy Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, died Wednesday at the age of 79. A behind-the scenes force, he helped orchestrate the oustings of Walt Disney's son-in-law, Ron Miller, and Michael Eisner, the former chief of The Walt Disney Co.

Target date for completion of Katy Trail pushed back

The eastern end of the Katy Trail State Park will be completed by next fall, Missouri officials said.

UPDATE: Trafficking victims are often deported without being screened

The Kansas City Star reported that federal agencies commonly deport immigrants without checking to see if they are a victim of human trafficking. The story is part of a series and is based on numerous interviews, court documents and reports.

Columbia to receive federal money for new buses

The city will receive $1 million, which will allow it to buy three to five new vehicles.

Collapse of funeral firm could cost state $18 million

The Insurance Guaranty Association assesses fees to other state licensed insurance companies to cover the policies of the bankrupt company.

Bothwell Regional Center to expand

An $18.3 million hospital expansion in Sedalia was approved by the Bothwell Regional Health Center's Board of Trustees.

Center at Washington University to focus on religion, politics

Officials at Washington University announced plans to create the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics, which will focus on the role of religion in politics. The center will open in January.