Rams cancel practice due to H1N1

Coach Steve Spagnuolo said five or six players had flulike symptoms Thursday.

20-year-old MU student dies after jumping from garage

A 20-year-old male MU student died early Thursday after jumping off the north side of Hitt Street garage.

St. Louis-area town culls growing deer population

Town and Country recently wrapped up a program that sought to curb its deer population by shooting some animals and sterilizing others. The program killed 110 deer and sterilized 100.

Marathon to take place in three states, along Route 66

The marathon route will start in Miami, Okla., and end in Joplin. A companion half-marathon will start near Riverton, Kan., and also end in Joplin.

Missouri to shut down Wellston School District near St. Louis

The district, which lost its state accreditation in 2003, will be merged with the nearby Normandy School District.

Health officials say Missouri received doses of recalled H1N1 vaccine

The state received about 22,000 doses of a recalled H1N1 vaccine. The vaccine was recalled because tests showed the vaccine lost strength.

Missouri 'incredibly lucky' with 11 H1N1 deaths

Missouri has experienced a milder flu season than many other states. Only 11 of about 10,000 reported H1N1 deaths have occurred in Missouri.

About 5 percent of Missouri jobs tied to 'green' economy

 Nearly 5 percent of Missouri jobs are tied to the "green" economy, according to a report released by the state's Department of Economic Development on Thursday.

Fire associations suggest caution with candles, lighted trees during holidays

Christmas and New Year's are peak times of the year for home candle fires and Missouri Fire Marshal Randy Cole urges residents to not use real candles for their holiday decorations.