Heart of Missouri United Way appoints new executive director

Timothy L. Rich, who has served as interim executive director for the organization for the past six months, has been affiliated with nonprofits for 25 years.

Vehicle stolen on North Stadium

Police still searching for a vehicle that was stolen Monday afternoon.

Woman turns herself in after shots fired

A woman suspected of firing shots at an unoccupied vehicle early Tuesday morning turned herself in at the Columbia Police Department.

Two wanted men arrested

The Columbia Police Department arrested two wanted men.

Hotel owners, like homeowners, behind on payments

The good news for consumers is that room rates are likely to remain cheap as hotel chains struggle with too much vacancy and not enough occupancy.

Pain before gain in health care overhaul

If the health care reform bill is passed, Americans would likely see their health care costs go up before any benefits of the bill kick in.

Democrats, White House predict success on health care

Democrats on Tuesday confidently predicted Senate passage of President Barack Obama's health care reform bill, while members of the GOP denounced concessions won by some states in return for their senators' support for the bill.