Missouri veterinarians providing vaccine for increasingly common dog influenza

With confirmed cases of canine influenza in states that border Missouri, veterinarians have begun providing a vaccine to combat the virus before it becomes a problem in animal populations here.

Missouri Highway commissioners award contract for new Mississippi River bridge

The bid accepted for the long-awaited project that will span the Mississippi River at St. Louis is still nearly $40 million more than transportation officials anticipated.

Columbia to test Wi-Fi on buses

Wi-Fi will be available on Bus No. 1969 of the 102 Blue East Route that runs down Paris Road and Clark Lane and on Bus No. 1970 of the 103 Green West Route, which runs down Worley Street to the Columbia Mall.

Fire partially burns house on Eastwood Circle

The house had been unoccupied for about a month.

Partnership pairs MU High School with older prospective students

MU High School is making its first attempt at targeting an older audience by partnering with BJC HealthCare in St. Louis. This nonprofit health care organization offers its employees financial help in taking classes and working toward their high school diploma.

Children and adults explore Columbia's new children's museum

The Missouri Children's Museum provides adults as well as children opportunities to play in a variety of themed rooms.

Missouri volleyball team adjusts roster

Missouri recovers $82million in Medicaid fraud in 2009

Attorney General Chris Koster's office reported Wednesday that its Medicaid fraud unit recovered $82 million this year. That's more than double the previous high of $34 million set in 2008.

Instances of drug-resistant HIV increase among South African doctor's patients

The work of medical professionals in Africa is complicated as drugs commonly prescribed to treat HIV become less effective.

Afghan police work helps women overcome barriers

There are about 500 policewomen in Afghanistan, compared with about 92,500 policemen. Policewomen are vital in raids as they are able to conduct searches on other women, something that would be extremely offensive for a male officer to do.

Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture

The pressure against the use of antibiotics in agriculture is rising. The World Health Organization concluded this year that surging antibiotic resistance is one of the leading threats to human health, and the White House last month said the problem is "urgent."

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should public safety outweigh individual privacy in airport security?

On Christmas Day, a Nigerian man attempted to blow up a plane en route to Detroit. The foiled terrorism attempt has thrust the issue of airport security into the spotlight again. Should see-through scanners be installed at airports to make it harder to bring dangerous materials onto a plane or would this infringe on individuals' privacy?

Rising caseload strains Columbia Municipal Court

Columbia's Municipal Court is struggling to keep pace with a caseload that has nearly doubled in recent months because of crackdowns on traffic violations and the addition of red-light cameras at two intersections. Four new employees will help ease the pressure.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What is your New Year's wish for Columbia?

Although media outlets are likely to feature highlights and timelines of the "year in review" for sports, entertainment or politics in the United States, they don't do it as often with local news. And even when they do, it's more for fun or casual reflection than for improvement.

If you had a New Year's wish for Columbia and Boone County, what would it be?

MU looking into domestic partnership benefits for employees

MU Equity is gathering stories about how the UM System's lack of domestic partnership benefits affects hiring and retention.

ANALYSIS: Confusion fills skies after attempted bombing

The Transportation Security Administration did little to explain the rules for increased security measures for air travel. And that inconsistency might well have been deliberate: What's confusing to passengers is also confusing to potential terrorists.

39 Missouri drinking water systems fail to complete required tests

Required monthly tests of bacteria levels in drinking water have gone undone by water systems in 18 Missouri counties, according to state environmental officials.

Boone County Sheriff's deputies search for suspect leads to drug arrests

While searching a house for a man with active warrants, officers find evidence of methamphetamine production.

Mother, son sentenced in murder-for-hire plot

A Rolla man and woman — son and mother — have been sentenced for their involvement in a plot to kill to prevent testimony in a methamphetamine case. The killings did not take place.

Dogs provide more than just love to their owners

Service dogs can do more than find lost people or help people with impaired vision. Barbara Willis' dog, Sydney, alerts her to her to the onset of migraines.