Citizens should share views on change

Community members discuss what they believe needs to be improved in police regulations, snow removal policy and power supply laws.

2008 is Missouri's wettest year ever

Projections indicate the state will average just over 57 inches of precipitation, a fraction above the record set in 1993, when the final numbers are official.

Investigator objects to Blunt e-mail settlement

Chet Pleban said he considers the settlement unacceptable and will file an objection during a hearing on Monday . He said a decision on whether Matt Blunt's office violated laws on open records and document retention should be made through the judicial system, not by the investigators.

Missouri lawmakers look to divert new casino tax money

The use of the projected $130 million annually in new casino taxes figures to spark debate during the legislative session that starts Wednesday — partly because new tax dollars are expected to be scarce.

Missouri court rules against Kansas payday lender

An appeals court in St. Louis has ruled that a Kansas-based payday lender — which does business in Missouri as Quik Cash — can't prevent customers from filing class-action lawsuits over its lending practices.

Mid-Missouri should develop industrial friendly zones

Economic news in 2008 and rumors of the Columbia Mall closing don't bode well for 2009. But Boone County governments could resolve to cooperate and create a more industrial-friendly environment.

Prolific mystery writer Donald Westlake dead at 75

Westlake wrote more than 90 books. Aside from his own name, he also used several pseudonyms — including Richard Stark, Tucker Coe, Samuel Holt and Edwin West — in part because people didn't believe he could write so much so quickly.

Former Sen. Pell, creator of Pell Grants, dies at 90

The unabashed liberal represented Rhode Island for 36 years and was the force behind the grant program that has aided tens of millions of Americans go to college.

Missouri woman works in Rwanda with Tutsi and Hutu orphans

Tanya Fredman moved 8,000 miles away from her St. Louis family to spend a year volunteering in Rwanda and the Middle East.

Grocer sues K.C.-based Dairy Farmers of America

Dairy Farmers of America is accused of buying large amounts of cheese to manipulate dairy prices.

New Year's fitness event draws 200

More than 200 people gathered Thursday morning at the Activity and Recreation Center to jump start their New Year’s resolutions of staying fit and healthy.

Second candidate enters school board race

Michelle Pruitt was involved in the successful campaign to revise the math curriculum in the Columbia Public School District.

3 die in Kansas City crash

One vehicle struck another shortly after midnight. At least one car caught fire.

Palin: Future son-in-law is no high school dropout

The Alaska governor said that contrary to press reports, Levi Johnston is enrolled iin a correspondence program.

Bill would make insurance companies cover infertility treatments

With Missouri men recording low sperm counts, one Missouri legislator is proposing a bill that would require health insurance companies to pay for infertility treatments.

Plagued with rheumatoid arthritis, Columbia drummer learns to play again

Columbia drummer Keith Lottes thought rheumatoid arthiritis would keep him from ever playing again. Ten years after the diagnosis, he's keeping the rhythm for two local bands.