DEAR READER: Sometimes the commentary becomes the news

A lively debate over the performances of the bands at the Texas Bowl offerered differing and unique perspectives of fans and band members.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What are you doing to keep your home safe from burglaries?

During November, 42 burglaries were reported, and 74 were reported in December, including 21 on Christmas Eve.

Guard play key in Kansas State vs. Missouri men's basketball game

Kansas State guards Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen are more experienced this season and know better what to expect from Missouri's pressing defense.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Will Yemen be tomorrow's war?

The attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound jet has raised questions about the nation's committment to fighting terrorism.

Boil order issued for Thornbrook, Millcreek Manor subdivisions

The order is likely to be in place until Monday; the Department of Natural Resources must get two clean samples of water first.

Missouri's record means little entering Big 12 men's basketball play

Heading into their Big 12 Conference opener against No. 11 Kansas State on Saturday at Mizzou Arena, the Tigers' 12-3 record looks impressive, but it doesn’t say a whole lot about where the Tigers will go this season.

Commercial rezoning plans for Great Hang-ups property voted down

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-3 not to rezone the corner of West Boulevard and Broadway after residents expressed concern for the integrity of the neighborhood.

Chamber of Commerce discloses legislative hopes

One idea discussed would expand state representatives' terms to four years and extend term limits to 16 years.

Police recover officer's stolen personal car

The car was recovered thanks to a CrimeStoppers tip.

UPDATE: Tipster on Dickinson Court arson could have big payday

Rewards for tips leading to an arrest for the Dickinson Court burglary and arson come from several places.

Mysterious note holds the key to piano's uncertain history

The old upright was found during renovations downtown. Historians suspect the piano may have a connection to Columbia's famous ragtime pianist, J.W. "Blind" Boone, which would earn it a place in the new museum honoring him. But first, the mystery must be solved.