Man arrested after car hits parked car, duplex

An Ashland man was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of second-degree assault, leaving the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated.

The South Butt makes donation challenge

The South Butt has challenged rival apparel maker, The North Face, to donate one item of clothing per child admitted on a selected day to the St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Phoenix Programs seeks revenue bond issue

The Industrial Development Authority of Boone County has reviewed and preliminarily approved a revenue bond application filed by Phoenix Programs Inc. to finance their new office building on Leslie Lane, near Providence Road.


Gemstones offer both beauty and peace

Adrienne Walker Hoard makes wearable pieces of art — necklaces, bracelets and occasional set of earrings — with pure gemstones.

Connecticut wordsmith creates home for misfit terms

Following years of his words being excluded from the dictionary of record for American English, Ron Gagliardi is collecting original words into a book of his own, as unique as the words it will contain and the people who created them.

Senior Medicare Patrol exposes cases of benefit fraud

A little-known volunteer organization detects and reports instances of Medicare fraud that cost the government millions of dollars.

Google aims at expanding into mobile marketing by acquiring AdMob

Google's expansion into advertising on mobile devices will be aided by its acquisition of AdMob, as long as this move is approved by the Federal Trade Commission.