Roeder convicted in abortion provider Tiller murder case

Scott Roeder was convicted Friday in the May 2009 murder of Kansas abortion provider George Tiller. In his upcoming sentencing, he faces life in prision with the possibility of parole in 25 years.

Birth record bill would give adult adoptees more access

Missouri adoptees are pressing lawmakers to ease the process of accessing medical and birth records of their genealogical parents. Currently, adoptees must go through the court system to gain access to these records, requiring consent of the birth mother.

Neal E. Boyd to perform with Southeast Missouri Symphony Orchestra

Former "America's Got Talent" winner and MU alumnus Neal E. Boyd is coming back to a Missouri stage in February. Boyd will be a special guest at a concert with the Southeast Missouri Symphony Orchestra.

Curators approve student housing fee increase

Student housing fees at MU are set to increase beginning in the 2010 summer session.

I-70 guardrail repair Monday may slow traffic

The repair at mile marker 148 is slated to begin at 11 a.m. and take one to two hours.

Rock Bridge boys basketball team fights back to beat Hickman

After leading by as many 15-points, the Hickman boys basketball team faded, allowing Rock Bridge to overtake them for a 72-70 victory Thursday night at Hickman. 

Steve Schmidt breaks records — one tooth at a time

From horseshoes to airplanes, Steve Schmidt plans on breaking as many teeth-lifting records as he can.

LETTER: Organization pushes for health care reform now

As Big Health Care continues to put profit-making before people, true reform is needed. GRO-Grass Roots Organizing calls for our leaders to buckle down and get health care reform done now.

COLUMN: State of the Union a reminder Obama is just getting started

Obama's State of the Union address reminds us that change doesn't come instantly. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: How do you think Columbia can improve recycling?

Public works estimates that only 28 percent of Columbia residents recycle.  An avertising agency, Pure, has been hired to help increase education and awareness about recycling, and a program replacing blue bags with plastic bins will start in some parts of the city. How else can Columbia improve recycling?

COLUMN: Missouri residents must define ethics for their legislators

People have different definitions of ethics, but Missouri residents must come together to decide on a code of ethics to which we can hold legislators accountable.

Missouri men's basketball team's success brings complaints about ticket system

Last season’s Missouri men's basketball team went 31-7 and came within one game of the Final Four, revitalizing student interest in the team. The pickup system for tickets to games has stayed the same since 2002-03 and, for the most part, has worked just fine. But this season, it’s become a major headache for students who have become critical of the setup.

Councilman Karl Skala appointed to Leadership Training Council

Karl Skala will assist in the guidance and direction of the National League of Cities' leadership training seminars.

Apple iPad latest in e-reading technology

The anticipated announcement of the Apple iPad delivers on some of the rumors about the features, while surprising some on the price of the device.

Three-headed monster awaits Rock Bridge boys basketball

The Hickman boys basketball team has switched to a three-guard lineup and has found success going into Thursday's game against the Bruins.

Columbia Police detail night of Sanders' arrest in court

Daniel Sanders, 20, appeared in court to hear testimony about his August 2008 arrest. According to Thursday's testimony, police found the body of Sanders' mother in the trunk during a traffic stop.

LETTER: Tearing down of Columbia Library takes piece of history

A recent article in the Missourian referred to the Columbia Library as being "updated."  Completely tearing down the old library and building a new one isn't "updating," it's creating a completely new building. 

Shorthanded Hickman wrestlers lose dual

The Hickman wrestling team competed without four starters on Thursday night at Mexico, Mo., and lost to the Bulldogs 60-16, with 12 of the Kewpies' points coming on Mexico forfeits at 119 and 125 pounds.

Columbia College men's basketball loses to Harris-Stowe

The Columbia College Cougars lost Thursday night to the Hornets of Harris-Stowe 47-55.

Stephens College basketball falls to Park